Thursday, July 26, 2012

How To Trade Profitably - Part 2

1. MSM-CA - Bought in at 0.125sen few batches when the underlying stock stay strong at RM5.20 but again MM plays dirty by pushing the price back to RM5.15. :( Must be buying from Teng i think. LOL !!! I think if MSM stay float above RM5.15, i will be able to make half sen settlement. :) ^^ I took big gamble on this, wish me luck guy. :)

MSM-CA settlement :-

Day 1 - 5.19
Day 2 - 5.15
Day 3 - 5.15
Day 4 - ??
Day 5 - ??

Assuming, day 4 & 5 settle with 5.15 as well, we will have average price of 25.79/5 = 5.158. Strip off exercise price of RM4.5 (5.158 - 4.5 = 0.658). The final settlement will be at 0.658/5 = 0.1316.
Hope to make half a cent here. :) ^^

2. YTLP-WB - Sold all at 0.61 and bought it back at 0.60. :) ^^ Still keeping all the shares.

3. OSKPROP - Increase stake on Oskprop at RM1.29. Let's 888 on this one. :)


5. Dow Jones Future in positive zone. Though KLCI slide back today, i do hope tomorrow will bound back strongly.

6. Good luck all. 


Teng said...


I was actually hesitating to sell MSM-CA at 12.5 cents as well.My worry is closing price is push down to 5.10 level. For those who buy at 12.5 cents,it is quite safe.5% gains if next two days close at 5.15

YTLPower-WB-We both sold at 61 and bought back at 60.

Tomorrow will try to buy OSKProp at good price.If can't get,then will buy its OR. My concern OR is election may fall in Sept,which OSKProp right issues schedule to be listed?

Keep laughing all the ways to the bank

Maria^^ said...

hey i wanna ask if im using m2u to trade how do i exercise d warrants on msm?

Teng said...


I guess you mean call warrants because from Bursa,there is no warrants issued by MSM( call warrants are issued by third party)

Most call warrants in Msia are European style,mean you don't have to do anything.Issuer will send you cheque( or into your account if you registered for online e dividen?I am not sure about this)

If you use Maybank Investment,settlement will be credited into your account roughly 10-14 days after expiry

Maria^^ said...

yea but dont i have to choose to exercise my warrants? Hmm im unsure bout tt tis is d first time purchasing structured call warrants til maturity

Gark said...

Structured warrants cannot be exercised. The settlement price will be calculated on expiry and payment will be made.

Teng said...

Call warrants you do not have to exercise. If you bought MSM-CA,you can refer to below info( page 8)

Or you can wait for Annoucement on Bursa for settlement price and also payment period

Teng said...

We are pleased to announce that CIMB-CO has expired at 9.01 a.m. on 6 July 2012 ("Expiry Date") and the warrantholders shall be entitled to the Cash Settlement Amount (per CIMB-CO) (if the said amount is greater than zero), determined in accordance to the following formula: Settlement Price – Exercise Price − Exercise
Exercise Ratio

The Settlement Price has been determined at RM 7.6360 being the arithmetic mean of the closing price of CIMB Shares on Bursa Malaysia Securities Berhad for the five (5) scheduled market days prior to and including the market day before the Expiry Date.
Cash Settlement Amount

= {(Settlement Price – Exercise Price) / Exercise Ratio} x Number of CIMB-CO exercised – Exercise Expenses*

= {(RM 7.6360 - RM 7.6000) / 8.00 } x Number of CIMB-CO exercised – Exercise Expenses*
= RM 0.0045 x Number of CIMB-CO exercised – Exercise Expenses*

* Equivalent to 0.30% of the intrinsic value.

The Cash Settlement Amount shall be paid to the warrantholders within seven (7) market days from the Expiry Date.

This announcement is dated 6 July 2012.

alwayswin111 said...

Malaysia really BOLEH
Whole market up but we are down...

hng said...

Bought WTK at 1.18

Teng said...

In front of notebook now.Why Msia market is down when other market up?

Bought back WTK at 1.17.

Teng said...

Spore is flat now. Europe now slightly lower after open at moderately higher

Teng said...

Trade today

1)Sold Annjoo at 1.63 .Only part are matched

2)I cancelled OSKProp buy Q at 1.28 and bought WTK. If not,my Q for OSKProp will kena

3)SOld WTK at 1.18 for small intraday gains

Maria^^ said...

ytl powr-wb any prospect?

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