Monday, December 31, 2012

Happy New Year To All - 2013 !!!

1. KULIM-WC - Cut loss at 0.97. Loss 5sen. :( All make money on this except me. LOL !! This one look dangerous, it might end up closing below RM4 mark after ex, better stay out.

2. OSKPROP - Sold all at RM1.04 with paper profit. ^^ Still holding some OSKPROP-WC.

3. Watch List - CCM, IGB, MBF, KSENG

4. HAPPY NEW YEAR to all. We are entering 2013 soon. Another challenging year ahead. This year is good for me, hope year of 2013 can prosper further. ^^
5. Good Luck !!!

6. Just noticed that WCT has announced second batch of WCT-WB conversion to be listed on Thurdays. Not sure mine fall under this batch ?


Teng said...


Wish you and your family happy new year.Being this blog owner,we are grateful to have benefited from information in your blog

LG said...

Hi Horse, Teng,

Which REITs do you think will still be good to hold/accumulate in terms of DY for 2013?

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