Thursday, May 23, 2013

Day Trades : Buying Spree Day 2

1. IGBREIT - Sold quite substantial at 1.37, bought back at 1.35 to make contra gain. ^^

2. FABER - Continue to buy in at RM1.58.

3. MPHB - Bought in RM3.89 & RM3.90 to entitle for the Right offer. MPHB offering for subscription in MPHB Capital at a 1-for-2 ratio at an indicative offer price of RM1.00 per share.
4. Good Luck. !!!


Teng said...

TimeDotCom completed all necessary wiring for fiber HSBB at my condo.But surprisingly Time does not offer service directly to residents,but we have to subscribe Astro IPTV. Promotion not bad,RM130 nett( no 6% tax) for Superpack 3( normal price RM155) with free recording service. 6Mbps internet at RM148 ( 6 months free for 24 months contrac). Internet deal not so good as no free calls vs Unifi/Maxis. Maxis also RM148 but for 10Mbps and free calls to maxis fixed lines

cheeheng said...

bought Faber@1.58 & 1.57

Anonymous said...

Timecom re challenge to stay above 4.80 resistance level.

Anonymous said...

Timecom more focus on data through fibre optic, It need to collaborate with program provider like Astro, to compete with TM unifi

Teng said...


But Time still offer their broadband directly to residents in many condos.Maybe they let Astro offer their service first,and later offer their internet.They are people who only want broadband,but not Astro

Anonymous said...


Timecom do collaborate with some developer especially condominium /small and medium entrepreneur to offer high speed internet.

Timecom corporate with Astro as its HD beyond program need high speed internet from Timecom.

Teng said...

For those whose area has Time Fiber,this is difference between Time VS Unifi. Time's speed is 98% of promised speed( unless during breakdown,disruption). Unifi,users may experience slow during peak hour

The Time dotcom link is 100-percent fiber optic whereas TM is only up the MDF Room as, beyond that to the last point, it is via copper wiring.

Anonymous said...


That is reason why Timecom have its niche market, its service is faster, competitive and reliable, can offer up to 100mbps.

Jason Sim said...


When will MPHB rights traded?

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