Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Day Trades : Slow And Steady Win The Race ^^

1. Today trades a lots but some dissapointment on PUNCAK. :(

2. IGBREIT - Sold all at RM1.36, bought back all at 1.35. ^^

3. FABER - Sold all at RM1.63, bought back all at RM1.62. ^^

4. PUNCAK - Sold all at RM1.81, ejaculated prematurely, only to see price gone up so high. Sad case on this. :(
5. ARREIT - Bought at RM1.01 after ex.
6. MAYBANK-CW - Bought at 0.23sen. Hope to make some money on this. My skill on CWs a bit rusty now, that show that i have been lay-off for quite sometime. :( Should have make profit few round but end up stuck with this price. :( Need to polish up again.
7. KELADI - Bought at 0.265sen. ^^
9. Congratz to those who make money. ^^
10. Good Luck. !!!


Dr Cinta said...

normally, how big is your trade as making profit with just one sen requires big volume to mitigate the charges..please share with me...i'm very interested with the way you trade in stock mart..

Teng said...


Besides MBSB,any finance/banking stocks you focus?Just saw AFG >RM5 at yesterday closing

Teng said...


Congratz on your Maybank CW. I actually sold at 22-23cents on Tuesday. Bought last friday at 21.5 cents

hng said...


MNRB is another stock under my radar list. Although its earning inconsistent every quarter, but risk is compensated by high dividend yield

hng said...

Currently, still await right timing to re-enter into Puncak. Technically, Puncak look set to breakup its immediate resistance at RM 2.00.

Puncak cum dividend of 5sen TE now could spur by its next catalyst by free warrant to be declare next week, 10 for 1 free warrant (exercise price at RM1.00; implying intrinsic value of RM 1.00 for warrant).

hng said...

According to the yesterday source, Selangor MB has indicate that ongoing talk among all water player are progressing well and each player has show strong interest to complete water restructuring as soon as possible.

I think it sense now for all water player to seriously make their decision on KDEB latest offer as 12% ROE and resume their debt are best opportunity for them to exit and realize handsome gain.

hng said...

Bought back Puncak at 1.88-1.89, higher than yesterday sold price :(

Derick said...


I also read that news. But how soon they will settle this issue ?

hng said...

Bought more Puncak at 1.87

hng said...


Since Khaild have said his priority for its second term as MB is to settle and restructuring water, thus it is imperative for him to act fast and show his upper hand to seal the deal as soon as possible. Next week , MB will have round meeting with all water player, hope something can be reach for mutual benefit.

In the interim, Puncak will have 5 sen TE final dividend and free warrant to support its current share price

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