Monday, March 24, 2014

Weekly Trades :24/3/2014

1. Traded above last week.

2. Good Luck. ^^


twshien said...


Would you trade on PavReit and IGBReit? or you just focus on SunReit?

horse said...


I hold Pavreit, IGBREIT & Sunreit.

Now focus on Pavreit & Sunreit. Try to look at the co-relation between the two, you can make some profit from there. ^^ Sunreit will be giving DPU soon. ^^ AFter this DPU will be back to Pavreit & Sunreit again. Just go round between the two and try maximise the profit if there is any chance and capitalise the DPU as well. ^^

Good Luck.

twshien said...


thanks for your response.

among reit, PavReit has worse dividend yield at current price. I would be cautious if want to trade it. What do you think?

horse said...


Pavreit 1.30 below is ok.

horse said...

Will update my trades posting tmr.

SSN said...

Why Arreit dropped so much ?
It is due for dividen in May.Can accumulate ?

Teng said...


I believe Arreit recent drop is due one of their portfolio that leased to High5( which I think is PN17). Last I read ( at least few months ago) that High5 requested for lower rent or they move out

Mila Rose said...

Really nice method update Forex Weekly Trades news.

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