Wednesday, April 8, 2015

KLSE : Day Trades Dated 8/4/2015

1. TWRREIT - Bought in at 1.26. ^^ Hope to make a quick money on this but most likely will need to wait for a while but buying at this level would be quite safe. If can buy in at 1.25 better. ^^

2. MBSB - Continue to monitor this. ^^

3. PUNCAK - This one as well. ^^

4. Good Luck. ^^


Teng said...

I also bought TWRReit at 126 yesterday

twshien said...

hi horse...sunreit, igbreit,cmmt, pavreit all goes up a lot recently...still can scalp?

horse said...


Not now.

Below can consider.

TWRREIT at 1.26
HEKTAR at 1.50

twshien said...

Thanks horse!

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