Tuesday, August 18, 2015

KLSE : Day Trades Dated 18/8/2015

1. YTL - Bought more at 1.46 today. ^^

2. YTL will be due for dividend declaration sometime end this month. Would likely remain the same pay out as per last correspondence quarter. ^^ Hope for the best.

3. Good Luck. ^^


Novice said...


Wish to ask:

1.Last 4Q YTL 9.5sen div?
2. Expect when is announcement date?

horse said...

1. yes
2. by end of next week hopefully. ^^

Novice said...


Today earlier than expected, both YTL and YTLP announced 4Q results + dividend YTL 9.5sen & YTLP 10sen dividend.
However sad didn't buy any yet!!!

Anyway glad to see you make duitlah!!!

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