Saturday, January 30, 2010

Different between RON95 and RON97

I am having 2 cars, an old junk 13 years old and a new car. When government started to introduce the RON95 in September last year, i switch to use RON95 on my old car but remain using RON97 on my new car. Decision as such just because i heard too many story about new RON95 petrol about it side effect, knocking sound, less power, petrol consumption higher, engine could be spoilt, RON95 is dirtier & blah blah blah. That left me no choice to continue using RON97 for new car for fearing of the side effects and thinking of what the hack and what worst can it be on a 13 years old car, so long as i can save some money so opted RON95 on this.

After using more than 3 months RON95 on my old car this is what i can conclude:-

There is indeed a different between RON95 & RON97.......
1) Petrol consumption slightly higher but is of insignificant
2) RON95 is not as smooth as compare to RON97
3) There is engine knocking sound getting worst overtime especially when you press the accelerator
4) This is the worst one. Each time i started the engine, i normally worming up the engine for a while before engaging to drive. When i release my pedal, my car always jerk and the car engine nearing death. This happen after using RON95 for 2 months.

I was wondering could it be due to old car and the problem started to surface ?? I decided to switch back to RON97 before i send my car to work shop for checkup. To my surprise, the above problem disappear after switching back to RON97.

hmmmmm........ there is something for me to ponder here....!?
To remain RON95 or paying a higher premium for a better grade patrol !? or... should i mix the two? 2 weeks for RON97 and 1 week for RON95.........or my old junk's engine just not suitable for RON95 ?

Petrol that sold by Petronas, Shell, BHP, Esso, Caltex and Mobil is not the same i believe. Each company has its own ingredients to enhance the ability of the quality of petrol respectively. So could anyone here tell me which company offer the best RON95 ??


maun said...

I have consumed all of them..Petronas RON 95 is the best compared the two..Shell the worst. But ron 97 and ron95 are totally different performance and I felt the nice smell of RON97. But what to do, we are low grade (like RON95) of Malaysian societies have no choice for our survival..

horse said...

Thanks maun,
I will try out Petronas RON95 once my tank of RON97 use up and see if i get the same problem again. If this still can't solve my problem, likely that i will continue using RON97.... :(
One more thing, why is shell the worst and Petronas is the best ? Any additive added ?

Neo said...

A mechanic said petronas is made for malaysia climate so it's better for our cars. Shell may be good quality but not for our cars. Still, I'm using shell to tell petronas I don't support your policy. =p

Anonymous said...

Market up, waiting to realize Genting profit now, $$$$$ :D)

Anonymous said...

Selling Genting at 7.11-7.12

Anonymous said...

sold off all Genting, realize few k contra porfit :)

horse said...


A die hard fan of shell. haha
I will try 1 tank of Petronas RON95 and see.

Sold my Genting at RM7.10 :)

horse said...


Congrat !! :)

Anonymous said...

Yeah!!! sold off all 100% margin Genting SP at $1.09, realize more than $10k :D)

Anonymous said...

With today selling, portfolio manage to deleverage to more management level.

(A) Malaysia Portfolio

REITs stocks
1. TowerREITs 18%
2. ARREITs 14.7%
3. BsdREITS 10.5%

Trading stock
1 IGB 60% (aver: 1.835)
2 IOI crop 34.2% (aver: 5.20)
3. GENM 22%
4. CIMB 8.5%

(B) Singapoore Portfolio
1. Genting SP, 100% ($1.14)

Anonymous said...

Market lossing momemtum again!?

Anonymous said...

bought IOIcorp at 5.11-5.12, to further average down holding cost

horse said...

There was a rumor spreading that, Genting / Genting SP is involving in money laundering.
Not sure how true is this, may create some volatility here. Punter may find this as an opportunity. Good luck.

Anonymous said...

bought more GENM at 2.78 to average down holding cost

Anonymous said...

That is problem with too much cash in hand!

Anonymous said...

Decided to also selloff all core Genting SP at $1.08, reverse earlier contra gain to one time transcation cost loss. In view of current uncertainly in the market, booting cash capital is my first priority now, but may later buyback to reverse back again to intraday contra gain, depending on market condition in the afternoon.

Locally, also sold partial IGB at 1.84, realize transaction cost lost, sold off all BsdREITs at 1.35-1.36, realize all paper profit; sold some ARREITs at 88-89sen, realize paper profit, further deleverage to more manageable level

(A) Malaysia Portfolio

REITs stocks
1. TowerREITs 18%
2. ARREITs 9.6%

Trading stock
1 IOIcrop 42.4%
2.GENM 30.8%
3 IGB 25%
4.CIMB 8.5%

(B) Singapoore Portfolio
1. 100% cash

Anonymous said...

About RON, i'm using both for Civic (RON95), Wish (RON97, due to MPV need more power), all from Shell.

So far, no problem in performance, perhaps may due to both cars are relatively new, Civic (2007) and newly purchase Wish (2010).

Anonymous said...

sold off all ARREITS at 89-89.5sen, realize all paper profit

Anonymous said...

sold off all today IOIcorp at 5.16, realize intraday gain;

Sold off all IGB at 1.84, realize transaction cost loss

Greenleaf said...

Shell RON95 gives better performance. I tried Petronas, but I can feel the difference, the RON95 of Petronas finish faster and less powerful when I am using it on my car. :)
I don't know why. Currently, I am mixing, maybe 1 week RON95, another week RON97.

horse said...

that is what i intend to do as well.. thanks..:)

Mohd said...

i think shell v-power ron97 is the most quality petrol... u can feel the power when u use it, even 1.3 car can reach 140mph after using v-power ron97 from shell...

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