Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Time To Get Drunk ?

1. CARLSBG - Bought in at RM11.90 but sold partially at RM12.08. :) ^^

2. Congratz to you hng !!! Keep making profit. ^^...non-stop... :)


4. IPAD 2 and SAMSUNG GALAXY TAB 2, which one better ?? Thinking of buying one of this but did not know which one to choose. Can shed some light here ??? All comments are welcome and appreciate that in advance. Thanks.
5. Good Luck.


alwayswin111 said...

I bought Bursa 6.19, GENTING 9,07 and 9.11 today. Wanted to try PPB but news re Wilmer not good. So gave it a miss. But should have done a intra day trade though.
As for iPad and samsung, I am a die hard apple person. Cannot give you any advice cos I am biased.

OneX said...


You can consider Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 as one of the choice as well. For tablet and Smartphones info, I always follow www.soyacincau.com. Many info for you to decide on your choice.

hng said...

Bought Kulim at 4.69, average down holding cost

ericng7424 said...

I am quite an old investor, found this blog very interesting. Have been follow-up these few days. Interested on IGBREIT, may be buying small qty before share distribution from KASSET, as the no of IGBREIT from KASSET distribution will be a lot more, by then selling pressure will press down the price, just my 2 cents opinion

Tay SK said...

Hng congrats u keep earning profit.
Horse i prefer ios personally though i think the gap between the two tablets is not far.. Depending on the user needs =)

Did not have much trade bt last week swap my loss in apollo into kassets. No avrage down cos limited fund also. Reit ipo failed so bought kassets 9.16, 9.15, today 9.20.

hng said...

Bought ultramaximun Kulim at 4.65-4.67

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