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Weekly Trades : 15/9/2013

TRADES DATE : 9/9/2013

TRADES DATE : 10/9/2013

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TRADES DATE : 12/9/2013


2. Have used up all my trading limit. Now it is just a waiting game for me.

3. Good Luck. ^^


hng said...

Kamalanathan: 85% of schools nationwide connected to high-speed Internet

MUAR: About 85 percent of 10,094 primary and secondary schools nationwide have been connected to high-speed Internet connection and Virtual Learning Environment (VLE), said Deputy Education Minister P. Kamalanathan.

He said the setting up of the programme under the 1BestariNet at the remaining 15 percent of schools was expected to be completed by end of this year.

“We have 85% of the schools completed nationwide except for Sarawak due to network system issues and it is being resolved,” he said after launching the 1BestariNet Frog VLE Roadshow at SMK Dato’ Sri Amar Diraja here on Saturday.

Also present at the event were Muar district education officer Ahmad Othman and YTL Communications Sdn Bhd executive director Datuk Yeoh Seok Hong.

1BestariNet is an Education Ministry project involving 10,094 schools across the country.

It is in line with the Government’s plan to use ICT to improve the quality of education in Malaysia through better involvement of students, parents, the community and the private sector.

For this project in particular, YTL Communications is the private sector partner, and the aim is to equip all schools with portable 4G Internet connection and Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) capabilities.

Kamalanathan said the roadshow was held to introduce and inform parents, teachers and students in Muar and Ledang district about the 1BestariNet activities.

He said a total of 193 schools out of 211 secondary schools in Muar and Ledang have been connected with the programme and the rest of schools would receive the connectivity by end of this month.

“The Government will ensure that the programme will reach all schools nationwide in a bid to reduce the ICT usage gap between rural and urban areas students.

“With this programme, we will ensure all students the country be given the opportunity to learn through 1BestariNet and VLE,” he said.

Kamalanathan added that the programme and education system would be improved from time to time from the feedbacks collected from teachers and students.

hng said...


Me too, all capital and margin lne already fully invested, YTLP-WB form more than 90% stake in the portfolio. All my fortune and wealth all rely on YTLP-WB performance now.

horse said...


With that news, hope to boost YTLP's share price come Tuesday. Is that the recent news ?

Let's HUAT together...

Good Luck. ^^

hng said...

The news are the latest published in thestar, btime, sinchew

hng said...

2013-09-14 17:35



卡馬拉納登今早在麻坡拿督斯里阿瑪國中推介“1BestariNet”新互聯網系統及青蛙虛擬學習模式(Frog VLE)後,在新聞發佈會上發表談話。











hng said...

YTLPower, continue to POwer Upppppppppppppppppp

hng said...

Average buyback price at RM 1.747, treasury share increase by another 0.1% to 0.96%

horse said...

Using my 'last' fund from other account bought more YTLP-WB at 0.49. ^^

hng said...


Good to hear you also pool more fund on YTLP-WB, myself already fully invested with capital and margin line.

Lets wait another 2-3 month time, YTLP should release its Q1 result in Nov, stronger pound, US dollar and Singapore dollar + 1besterinet = quantum leap in earning + expected privatization

hng said...


Judging form share buyback momentum, YTLP may need at least another 2 more month in order to accumulate share and boost treasury stock to above 3.5% for next cancellation.

Expect, share buyback could boost YTLP share price to trade at RM 2.00, YTLP -WB at 70-75sen.

horse said...


Let's huat !! ^^

Titus said...

It is great to see support on ytlp-wb. Tempted to average up more but don't dare to put all egg in 1 basket. Salute hng and horse for the confidence. So now it is waiting time for me. Hope it go up more and everyone here benefit.

Titus said...

ytlp-wb GOOOOooooooooooo
bought some more at 0.50 & 0.495 today. Getting out of my mind already.

Teng said...

Time for YTLP-WB to play catch up.

ck5354 said...


If 75 cents in 2 months time,

You will say ur craZINESS WORTH IT.

hng said...


Agreed, lets hold and wait for another 2-3 month, i believe YTLP by then should trade at RM 2.00 and its WB at 75sen at least.

Derick said...

May i ask why YTLP need to accumulate share and boost treasury stock to above 3.5% for next cancellation ? Is it possible cancel it less than 3.5% ? thanks

hng said...


It just based on assumption that previous cancellation was 3.4% of its treasury share. Thus, based on current treasury accumulate so far at 1.03%, it still need at least 2 month to accumulate back another 3.5%

Titus said...

Those still holding kps, congrats. The dividend has announced.

If 70c is TP for ytlp-wb, i will show hand now. still have 30% fund not invested. Anyway, i think ytlp-wb has all the right star align. Read his morning the 1bestarinet has completed 6 months ahead schedule and within budget. Weaker ringgit and also no Fed tapering. Seems like all good news.

Derick said...

Thanks for the explanation.Let's Huat !!!

hng said...

Published: Thursday September 19, 2013 MYT 12:00:00 AM
Updated: Thursday September 19, 2013 MYT 7:16:51 AM

1BestariNet completed

KUALA LUMPUR: Red Hat Inc and YTL Communications Sdn Bhd have completed the cloud platform for e-learning in schools under the 1BestariNet project six months ahead of schedule.

Red Hat said the scalable, cost-effective cloud platform service was also completed within budget, while achieving a lower cost of ownership and reducing project risks.

“With Red Hat’s open source solutions, virtual learning environments for 10,000 schools were built and deployed within the first six months of the project,” it said

Remarks: Red Hat Inc, an American-based software company that provides open-source software products. Steven Rosen, director of IT, YTL Communications Sdn Bhd, said by leveraging on Red Hat's open source solution, the group was able to reduce cost without sacrificing liability and efficiency.YTL Communications Sdn Bhd, a subsidiary of YTL Power International Bhd, is one of the biggest clients for Red Hat in Malaysia.
19/09/2013 10:42

Titus said...

ytlp-wb is just like a tortoise/hare race. slow and steady but it sure will reach home and become a winner.

horse said...

Sold my ytl swap all to ytlp-wb at 51sen.^^

hng said...


Agreed, slow and steady it build up solid foundation and support as well as gradually absorb EPF selling.

hng said...


Good move.

hng said...


Too itchy hand, today use trading limit to bought some YTLP-WB at 51.5sen.

As all my capital and margin almost all in on YTL-WB already (more than 90% in total), today bought at 51.5en is using trading limit. can't absorb anymore, have to sell back within contra period. But will happy if can reap few more k within these contra period.

Titus said...

hng, u r great. Salute you on that. I actually also dip into my reserve to buy more @ 51.5 but not match. been parking since this morning.

hng said...


These morning, i bought YTLP-WB at 51.5sen from seller, no need to q.

Derick said...

Usually morning share price a bit weak, later after 4pm the share price will be stronger. So better buy at morning. :-)

hng said...

I think the most EPF selling will until it reach 5%, to retain as second largest shareholder in YTLP.

Which mean EPF have cut its stake 50% down from 9.9% to 5%.

Therefore, the maximum EPF still need to cut is 1.81% remaining from current 6.81 to 5%.

It will only take YTLP to engulf these 1.81% in less than 2 month time now.

If based on current trend, EPF keep sell down its stake but share price is well support by share buyback and even move higher, lets imagine, if EPF stop selling, what will happen to YTLP share price if share buyback keep continue??

horse said...

Bought more YTLP-WB at 0.52. ^^

hng said...


my church member told me a tip !!!!
ytl power will b privatised @2.xx !!!
all members also bought since monday !!! now all my church members are very poor, no more cash, everday eat chap fan, we only told to wait n pray ,our wives all black face also.....
20/09/2013 18:54

source: klsei3ivestor

hng said...

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (September 18, 2013) – Red Hat, Inc. (NYSE: RHT), the world’s leading provider of open source solutions, today announced the completion of its collaboration with telecommunication service provider, YTL Communications to deliver a scalable, cost-effective cloud platform for e-learning in schools. Red Hat’s enterprise open source solutions have enabled YTL Communications to complete the cloud platform project – known as 1BestariNet – six months ahead of schedule and within budget, while achieving lower cost of ownership and reducing project risks.

“Red Hat was selected as a key partner for the 1BestariNet project due to its ability to provide a cost-efficient platform by leveraging open source software. Red Hat’s highly scalable, affordable, open source model was the most effective in running a large-scale cloud deployment project like the 1BestariNet,” said Wing K. Lee, CEO, YTL Communications Sdn Bhd.

According to Damien Wong, general manager, ASEAN, Red Hat, “Our alliance with YTL Communications has been a very fulfilling experience for both parties. Red Hat’s ability to deliver enterprise-ready, reliable open source solutions enabled YTL Communications to achieve greater efficiency in services and cost-savings on their IT infrastructure for this project. We expect more businesses to adopt open source solutions as it is a mainstream technology that not only liberates resources, but at the same time, provides an IT infrastructure that is secure, robust, and agile.”

Building a virtual learning infrastructure for 10,000 schools in 12 months

In December 2011, YTL Communications was contracted by the Ministry of Education to equip 10,000 primary and secondary public schools in Malaysia with a virtual learning infrastructure and provide high speed 4G Internet network access in just 12 months. Meeting the aggressive timeline required an unconventional departure from the traditional approach of deploying application servers in schools, to a cloud-based approach where 10,000 virtual learning environments (VLEs) and schools are deployed into the 1BestariNet cloud. This approach would enable all schools to access their individual school’s VLE via 1BestariNet or through any Internet connection.

YTL Communications based its search for a cloud solution based on criteria such as reliability, support, performance, and scalability. After evaluating solutions from various vendors, YTL Communications selected Red Hat Enterprise Linux, Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization, and Red Hat Satellite Server, which met all of the above requirements.

The 1BestariNet VLE system currently runs on 60 Dell and Intel Xeon-based servers with 2,400 cores for virtualization hypervisors to support the distribution of applications to the schools.

Flexibility and Scalability with Enterprise Open Source Technology

Built on a flexible Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization infrastructure, the VLEs can continue to scale and support additional processing or storage capacity as and when needed. “This can be achieved by scaling out horizontally and through adding more physical processing and storage capacity to the virtualization farms,” Wing explained.

Cloud Environment Increases Efficiency of Application Deployment

Adopting a cloud-based approach has enabled YTL Communications to standardize and control its IT infrastructure, as well as roll out new applications, application modules, updates and content to schools in an efficient manner – all which contributes to meeting its deployment and budget requirements.

With Red Hat’s open source solutions, VLEs for 10,000 schools were built and deployed within the first six months of the project. Today, 5.5 million students, 500,000 teachers, and 5 million parents have access to the cloud-based VLE in 1BestariNet.

The success of this project has spurred YTL Communications to take the VLE one step further. “We are in the midst of rolling out further applications and promoting the use of mobile devices to access the cloud environment,” said Wing.

hng said...

Introducing the 1BestariNet project
21/09/2013 23:31

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