Monday, November 25, 2013

Weekly Trades : 25/11/2013

DAY TRADES : 18/11/2013

DAY TRADES : 19/11/2013

DAY TRADES : 20/11/2013

DAY TRADES : 21/11/2013

1. CAP - Cut loss at 0.405. Loss 1sen. :(

2. GLOMAC - Sold all at RM1.12. ^^

3. YTL - Bought at 1.60 and sold at 1.61. ^^

4. YTLPOWR - Sold at 1.91, bought back at 1.89. ^^ Bought 1.91 sold at 1.94. ^^

5. IGBREIT - Sold at 1.27. Bought them back at 1.26 & 1.24 respectively. ^^

6. Good Luck. !!!


horse said...

Bought YTL at 1.60 today. ^^

hng said...

I also wanted to add YTL instead of waiting to re-enter YTLP, but chose to buy more DRB first at 2.45-2.48

horse said...

Can't wait YTLP, so opt to pick YTL. ^^

Will try to enter DRB as well. ^^

hng said...

CAP have secure bursa securities approval to issue free bonus warrant 1 for 2.

On behalf of CAP, Mercury Securities Sdn Bhd (“Mercury Securities”) wishes to announce that Bursa Malaysia Securities Berhad (“Bursa Securities”) has, vide its letter dated 25 November 2013, approved the following:

a) admission to the Official List and the listing and quotation of 300,000,000 Warrants to be issued pursuant to the Proposed Bonus Issue of Warrants; and

b) the listing and quotation of 300,000,000 new ordinary shares of US$0.10 each to be issued pursuant to the exercise of the Warrants.

The approval by Bursa Securities for the Proposed Bonus Issue of Warrants is subject to the following conditions:-

(1) CAP and Mercury Securities, being the principal adviser, must fully comply with the relevant provisions under the Main Market Listing Requirements (“LR”) pertaining to the implementation of the Proposed Bonus Issue of Warrants;

(2) CAP and Mercury Securities to inform Bursa Securities upon the completion of the Proposed Bonus Issue of Warrants;

(3) CAP to furnish Bursa Securities with a written confirmation of its compliance with the terms and conditions of Bursa Securities’ approval once the Proposed Bonus Issue of Warrants is completed;

(4) CAP is required to furnish Bursa Securities on a quarterly basis a summary of the total number of shares listed pursuant to the exercise of Warrants as at the end of each quarter together with a detailed computation of listing fees payable;

(5) Bank Negara’s approval for the issuance of the Warrants to the non-residents entitled shareholders of the Company pursuant to the Proposed Bonus Issue of Warrants (to furnish a copy of the approval letter), if applicable; and

(6) To incorporate Bursa Securities’ comments into the circular to shareholders.

hng said...

Bought more Bjtoto at 3.94, wct at 2.31, drb at 2.41

hng said...

Bought ultramaximum bjtoto at 3.88

hng said...

sold back wct at 2.44. realize contra gain

swap margin to buy more Bjtoto at 3.85

horse said...

Used up all my fund, buy into BJTOTO range from 3.90 to 3.96.
Too bad went in too early. No more fund to pick up lower at 3.85. :(

alwayswin111 said...

Hng, Horse
Accumulating INSAS for next big move

lg said...

Alwayswin, any TP for insas? Considering ...

horse said...

Congratz alwayswin.
Never fail to make money from INSAS.

alwayswin111 said...

My 1st target 1.20 but all depends on market situation

hng said...

CAP restart engine

EGM on 13/12/2013 to secure approval from shareholder bonus 1 for 2 warrant follow by Ex date for 1 sen interim dividend on 16 /12

horse said...

Sold YTLPWR at 1.95, bought them back at 1.94. ^^

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