Sunday, December 1, 2013

Weekly Trades : 1/12/2013

DAY TRADES : 26/11/2013

DAY TRADES : 28/11/2013

DAY TRADES : 29/11/2013

1. BJTOTO - Bought range from 3.90 to 3.96. Used up all fund.

2. YTLPOWR - Sold at 1.95, bought back at 1.94.

3. YTL - Sold some at 1.62.

4. YTLP-WB - Bought some at 78sen.

5. Good Luck.


horse said...

Bought Jtiasa @ 2.36.^^

ck5354 said...

btoto cancel listing in singapore should be good news.

horse said...


BJTOTO cancel listing in SG indeed is a good news at this juncture. REIT is not performing well lately, judging the poor condition it is good not to list in SG. ^^

Good Luck.

horse said...

YTLP-WB - Sold all at 0.79.^^ 1sen profit.

horse said...

Jtiasa - sold all at 2.30.^^

horse said...

YTLP-WB - Bought in at 0.77 & 0.78.

lg said...

horse, hng,

ytlp-wb keep dropping. any idea why? could it recover back to above 0.79?

horse said...

YTLP - Bought 1.85, sold back 1.87. Bought again at 1.84. :(

YTLP-WB - Bought at 0.705.

BJTOTO - Sold all at 4.06. ^^

YTL - Bought at 1.60.

horse said...


Heavy selling force, not sure whether due to non-shariah compliance issue. If so, some government body would likely trigger some selling here causing price to come down. If this continue most likely more downside envisage. :(
The shares buyback seem not eating up anymore, they just let the sell down take it course and buy them at lower price.
2 approaches you can do, either cut now or keep for it to recover.
Cut now, you can probably collect them back at lower price.
Keep mean you practically can ignore it for a while. Wait till the "cow come home". If the cow really can come home them you will be relief.
I think this cow still have some hope there, hopefully.
Good Luck.

hng said...


hng said...

The selldown is very likely due to non-shariah compliance issue. I think LTH hold 1.99% stake is culprit causing selldown today. EPF and fund under PNB can still invest in stock even is non-shariah compliance, e.g EPF have increasing stake in DRB even its non shariah compliance, which only recently re-enter into latest list.

I think if privatization is still on table, current YTLP non compliance shariah issue could offer good take over opportunity by YTL through share swap from non shariah compliance YTLP to YTL which is shariah compliance

As non-compliance shariah issue mainly due to financial ratio between cash and debt in conventional banking vs. islamic banking, it could be solve if YTL after take over YTLP via share swap taking more Islamic sukuk loan locally to finance bullet train/project 3B/expand LTE locally

hng said...

楊忠禮通訊280億擴網絡 冀5年內收支平衡

(吉隆坡4日訊)楊忠禮通訊(YTL Communications)至今已投入280億令吉擴展網絡業務,並有信心可在3年至5年內達到收支平衡。







 “自2011年起,該公司致力為全國1萬所小學與中學,提供快速的4G網絡,及與教育部合作推出雲端虛擬平台,青蛙虛擬學習模式(Frog VLE)。”

Teng said...

YTLP is not shariah compliance but YTLC is. Interesting

Teng said...

Bought some YTLP-WB at 66 cents.Hope to make quick money

lg said...

horse, hng,
i still hold a small portion coz not willing to let go..haha. But it could be wiser to sell whilst still can lock in profits eventhough lower & look for opportunity again to buy back again.


hng said...

I think since sbb is not aggressive now, waiting for LTH and possible fund under PNB like ASB, value cap, ASIM and GLC fund like EPF and Kumpulan Wang Persaraan to take lead to selldown their stake, better to cut loss now and wait later for selling pressure to ease after 1 month grace period for them to dispose off their stake due to non shariah compliance issue.

Teng said...

Aiyo,if no share buy back by YTLP later today,tomorrow may have to cut loss

hng said...

Unlike SP setia, whereby these stock also non shariah compliance due to financial ratio, but PNB and EPF can still hold on it so long their holding cost is lower than market price, but in YTLP case, share price have surge due to sbb, all these fund MUST dispose their stake within 1 month grace period if they wan to follow shariah rules

horse said...

I cut loss both YTLP & YTLP-WB. :(

Vomit back 24% of my profit from YTLP-WB.

horse said...

See if there is any chance to buyback when the price stabilised.

lg said...

Managed to clear all at 0.665 before it falls further.
Should the price drop continues this 1 month,very soon we can collect again around 0.50.
Hopefully next week the selling price will ease since it has been badly bashed down this week.

hng said...

I'm cutting loss too today, erode my profit as much as 15% of earlier gain in WB. Still tolerable as investment come with risk and reward.

hng said...

The scary thing is the pattern in trading is very difference compared to previous sbb in charge, now in bid and sell seem very similar in last 2 days selloff....seller will sell without q first and buyer only relatively small volume awaiting

Being non shariah compliance could be big issue for YTLP. Lets look back its shareholding

1. EPF: 6.51%
2. ASB: 4.35%
3. Value Cap: 3.47%
4. Kumpulan Wang Persaraan: 3.19%
5. LTH: 1.99%
6. ASM: 1.18%
7. ASD: 0.94%
8. AS1M: 0.82%
9. Wawasan 2020: 0.80%

In summary:
GLC (EPF + Kumpulan Wang Persaraan) = 9.7%
Fund under PNB management (ASB, Value cap + ASM etc): 11.56%
LTH: 1.99%

hng said...

The only possible catalyst now is YTLP award 3B project. But now YTLP is also facing non compliance issue in 3b for its subcontractor qualification even won at lowest bid. I think 1MBD could exploit opportunity to take over YTLP as second lowest bid which is need to boost its confident and prepare for next year IPO. The rfinal result will be out very soon, lets hope for the best for YTLP based on its merit.

hng said...

The non shariah compliance could lead to drastic shareholding change....The total collective stake for GLC (EPF + Kumpulan Wang Persaraan = 9.7%); Fund under PNB management (ASB, Value cap + ASM etc 11.56%) and LTH: 1.99%, give rise to 23.25% in YTLP.

Under minimum scenario, only affect LTH, but under maximum scenario, it could affect entire GLC and fund under PNB if they decided to follow shariah rules.

horse said...

Better take a short break on YTLP. ^^

Move to YTL better.

Teng said...

YTLP-WB recover so fast. Sold all at 67 cents for small profit.Good I have meeting just now and did not sell at loss

Teng said...


Theedge reported YTLP may become KLCI component stocks.This will a boost for YTLP

lg said...


good timing!

Teng said...



Bought back MBSB 2.66

hng said...


We must aware that YTLP share surge in recent month mainly due to sbb, if sbb lack of momentum now for whatsoever reason, non shariah compliance will force at least LTH to dispose off their stake and thus creating share overhang, and selling pressure. Even news confirm that YTLP could include in KLCL component next week, YTLP share performance will still largely rely on sbb

Teng said...


Agreed.Also,YTLP treasury share is >8%,and YTLP need to cancel treasury share if want to buy back more own share

alwayswin111 said...

Hng, Horse, Teng
Do you think removal of Airasia from Syariah list will affect AAX? It is at pretty low price now.

Teng said...


To some extend( esp short term),price will be affected

AAX is already 20% below IPO price.Should be well supported at current level?

I am no big fan of airlines/aviation counters

horse said...

I also not prefer airlines counters.

PAVREIT - Sold at 1.30.^^ 1sen profit.

YTLPWR - Buy 1.77, Sold at 1.79. ^^ 2sen profit.

alwayswin111 said...

Teng, Horse
Thanks guys.

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