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Weekly Trades : 21/12/2013

DAY TRADES : 16/12/2013

DAY TRADES : 17/12/2013

DAY TRADES : 19/12/2013

DAY TRADES : 20/12/2013

1. This week quite a fruitful trading. ^^

2. Year 2013 coming to an end. Time for me to update my trades performance again. As usual will compile my KLSE investment on a yearly basis. This year is yet another record breaking for my investment. Will post my performance right after the year 2013 ending. Stay tune. ^^
3. hng, good choice to own a hybrid car. For every RM1 i spent you save 30sen. Very economical. ^^
4. All cyber friends, again i need your contribution to strike for another good year in 2014. Hope all of you continue to post good stock and recommendation here. Thank in advance. ^^
5. Have a good Christmas, New Year and CNY. ^^
6. All the best & Good Luck. May the best price be yours always. ^^


Teng said...


This year may not be a good year for me.But I think overall still positive,mainly from Pbbank and Uchi

horse said...
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horse said...


As long as positive consider good already.
Wealth is through accumulation.^^
All the best to you in 2014.^^

Eelyn Soon said...

yea... agree with horse.. :)

Eelyn Soon said...

Hey guys,

Any views on Hup Seng, on its bonus, split and px amendment proposal?

Im interested in getting some for that..

horse said...

Yup, Hupseng, share split + bonus issue. Will take a look this coming Wed. ^^

Thanks Eelyn.

horse said...

YTLPWR - Sold at 1.90.^^

horse said...

BJTOTO - Sold some at 4.01. ^^

PAVREIT - Bought at 1.23, sold at 1.25 ^^

horse said...

Merry Christmas All !!!^^

alwayswin111 said...

A very merry Xmas to everyone .

hng said...

Eesti Energia's power station in Jordan gets constructor and investor
BC, Tallinn, 18.12.2013.Print version

The oil shale-consuming power station planned by Estonian state-owned company Eesti Energia in Jordan will be built by a Chinese state company for a 1.4 billion USD loan taken from two Chinese banks.

Attarat Power Company, which partly belongs to Eesti Energia via its parent company and develops the oil shale power station project in Jordan, concluded at the end of last week preliminary contracts with the builder and financers of the power station.

The construction and design procurement of the 540 megawatt oil shale power station was won by Guangdong Power Engineering Corporation (GPEC), which belongs to Chinese state-owned company China Energy Engineering Group.

According to the bid of Guangdong Power, the power station will be designed by international engineering bureau WorleyParsons, boilers will be built by Foster Wheeler and turbine supplied by Siemens. The winner of the construction and design contest was chosen from among six construction and design companies, Eesti Energia said.

Attarat Power Company concluded preliminary contracts for financing with Bank of China and Industrial Commercial Bank of China. The nearly 1.4 billion USD loan agreement has the guarantee of Chinese export credit agency Sinosure.

A binding construction contract with Guangdong Power will be concluded after electricity tariff agreement is reached with the government of Jordan and financing activities are completed, According to current forecasts, that can take around a year.

Enefit Jordan BV has two subsidiaries: Attarat Power Company and Jordan Oil Shale Energy Company. 65% of Enefit Jordan BV that develops the power station belongs to Eesti Eergia.

Eesti Energia’s strategic partner in the development project is one of Asia’s leading energy companies, YTL Power International Berhad (YTLPI), with a 30% stake. A 5% stake in the project is held by Enefit’s Jordanian partner, Near East Investment Limited.

hng said...

Buyback WCT at 2.16

KLIA2 to be completed on time

The joint venture (JV) between UEM Construction Sdn Bhd and Bina Puri Sdn Bhd said it would complete the work package for the low-cost terminal, KLIA2, by the stipulated deadline on Jan 31, 2014.

WCT second shopping mall, Gateway mall should on schedule to open by Q2 next year

hng said...

Bjtoto share is stable now after aggressive support from VT and Robin Tan as well as share buyback. With year end coming, windrow dressing may push up Bjtoto back to 4.20

horse said...

BJTOTO - Sold some at 4.02.^^

YTLPWR-WB - Bought more at 0.675.

PAVREIT - Bought at 1.23, sold back at 1.25. ^^

hng said...


Bjtoto is gradually move above RM 4.00, together with cum 6sen dividend + year end windrow dressing + VT and Robin Tan + share buyback = keep all for higher profit :)

hng said...

Bought more YTLP-WB at 68sen, increase back stake to 80% of previous total holding

With that, portfolio again back to fully invested with top holding now:

2. Bjtoto
3. WCT
6. CSL

hng said...

YTLP major earning contributors

Wessex Water: British Pound sterling = 5.42 x ringgit

Power Seraya: Singapore dollar = 2.6 x ringgit

PT Jawa: US dollar = 3.30 x ringgit

hng said...

Cut loss on CSL at 19.5sen; swap margin to buy more WCT at 2.10

hng said...

today also add news stock in portfolio: Jaya Tiasa at 2.11

SSN said...

This is the first year i trade actively after i come acrossed your blog somewhere in september last year.i am happy as i earn almost 30% this year.i want to thank you as i learn your method of trading.

Teng said...


Today I also bought Jtiasa at 2.12&2.14

hng said...

Based on data for log, plywood price from,

log price still stay around US$280/cum, and plywood at US$550/cum, implying no much change in both commodity, still firmly staying at high level.

In addition, price for CPO and palm kemel have increase substantially, with palm kemel increase about 30% hike from around US$866 in Aug to latest US$1122.5 in Nov; while CPO increase about 12% from US$722 in Aug to US$810 in Nov.

Furthermore, as all commodity is price at US$. strengthening USD vs. ringgit is added more profit margin. USD has appreciated about 6% from RM3.10 to current RM3.30

By next year, Jaya Tiasa palm oil age profile will change significantly, whereby its prime age tree (>7year) will increase more than 80% from current 12% to 22.5%.

2013 vs 2014
Immature 23.5% vs 16.3%
Young mature (4-7yr) 64.2% VS 61.2%
Prime mature (>7yr) 12.3% VS 22.5%

horse said...


COngratz ! ^^
Wow ! 30% of profit indeed a very good return.
Keep up the good work. ^^

Please share your stock pick here, so that all of us can benefit from it. Thanks again. ^^

Good Luck to you in 2014. ^^

horse said...

PAVREIT - Bought at 1.24, sold back at 1.25. 1sen profit. ^^

YTLPWR-WB - Sold at 0.685 for the batch bought at 0.675. ^^

horse said...


I am still holding some BJTOTO, have not disposed all yet. Keeping the reamining for 6sen dividend & for higher gain. ^^

Will trying to increase my stake for WCT next week. ^^

JTIASA - This one is meant for very long term i believe. At the moment CPO price has improved to RM2600/metric tonne right from RM2170/mt in JUL2013. 1Q result would expected some improvement there. Will monitor closely on this. ^^

Thanks hng for the sharing. ^^

hng said...

YTL Power's partner for the 2,000MW power plant is Johor royalty-linked
SIPP Energy Sdn Bhd, with major shareholder Datuk Daing A Malek Daing A
Rahaman. Datuk Daing is a member of the Council of the Royal Court Advisers to the Sultan of Johor and shares business interests with the Tunku Mahkota of Johor, Tunku Ismail Idris Sultan Ibrahim.

YTLP (70%) + SIPP Energy Sdn Bhd (Sultan Johor have 30% stake) proposed Tanjung Tohor in Johor as the site for the 2,000MW power plant

vs. closer competitior

1MDB’s proposal at a brownfield site at Jimah, Negeri Sembilan,

In the earlier bidder, YTLP is partner with Ranhill Energy and proposed Tanjung Tohor in Johor as the site for the 2,000MW power plant. On the other hand, SSIP Energy is partner with Formis alos proposed at the same site.

Now, YTLP stand out as lowest bids and potential to win these project, the partner also changes now, SSIP now swap its partner from Formis to YTLP exchanging Ranhill Energy.....!!!????

Its possible, given SSIP control by Johor Sultan is very keen to participate in power sector, since its partner Formis fail in tender, its just need to change track, partnering with winner, YTLP by order Ranhill Energy to give up their share. As Ranhill is johor based company, it have to obey Johor Sultan order.......furthermore, it could be deal involve water asset divestment by Ranhill to YTLP to sweeter the under table deal.....

hng said...

The 3B project is through open tender, and the result of tender is out indicate YTLP partner with Ranhill energy have submitted lowest bid and currently under due diligence and evaluation in order to fulfill all project compliance, which the award of project to the winner is expect to official announce by earlier next year.

SSIP partner with Formis have apparently out and lose in the tender due to higher bidding pricing, but SSIP control by Sultan Johor still very keen to participate in Power sector....Since, YTLP have very high chance to seal the deal pending to compliance issue, perhaps SSIP have some deal with Rnahill to replace Ranhill energy to partner with YTLP.

As the site of new plant is locate in Tohor, Johor, with involvement of Sultan of Johor as partner now, YTLP is almost certain now to win the project 3B.

hng said...

Q: Can the partnering change after the bid submit?

A: I think he partnering can change after the bid result is out. Since the bid result indicate YTLP partner with Ranhill is the lowest bid, those still keen bidder will use alternate way to regain involvement to partner the potential winner. Of course re-partnering must base on 'willingness' of potential winner partner (Ranhill Energy) to surrender it to more powerful party (Sultan of Johor) with potential 'under table' to exchange the deal.

tcg82 said...

horse/hng & team,

happy new year greetings and may the horsey run smoothly again in 2014
thank you for your kind guidance todate i have been in and out (teetotaller of sort)

CAP bought 0.37, sold 0.445 prior to ex-date ---many thanks hng

recently i have been collecting ecofirs (0.18,0.185,etc) --pending cap reduction to be funded from share premium/retained earnings and private placement at 0.25 and warrant exercise price at 0.30; plus directors have been collecting as well. above prices are my tentative target and anything further would be icing

cheers & 888

horse said...

No time to post. Will post my trades tomorrow.

hng said...

Buy more WCT at 2.04-2.06

Sold IGBREITs at 1.18, realize paper loss

hng said...

Sold off all Bjtoto at 4.04, realize paper order to pick up more WCT

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