Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Report Card Year 2013 ^^

2004 159.46%
2005 7.27%
2006 13.49%
2007 12.54%
2008 10.10%
2009 11.84%
2010 10.76%
2011 29.63%
2012 21.41%

1. HAPPY NEW YEAR 2014 to all cyberfriends. ^^
2. Please find above as promised. Whatever records beyond 2004, i lump them in one figure, as i have compressed all records beyond 2004. ^^
3. Profit in year 2013 is the best ever so far. Hope to continue the good run in year 2014. ^^
4. 42.71% return of my starting capital in the begining of year 2013. Though it is not as good like 100%, 200% or more, nevertheless, i considered this is my best bid ever so far with the help from all cyberfriends here. ^^ Thanks again to all your contribution. ^^ Will continue to post my winning stocks whenever possible. ^^
5. With this, i have even bigger fund to start off with year 2014. ^^
6. Again, I wish you all a fruitful year in 2014. May God bless you always. ^^
7. Good Luck !!!


Eelyn Soon said...

Good improvement Horse!

Hope we could continue to improve further & gain more as years pass.


Derick said...

Well done !!!

csk said...

Congrats ! Keep it up !

hng said...

Well done, horse

Your record profit is very excellent judging from your return is base on part time basis already can beat most of the professional run fund, either private or GLC ..including our EPF.

TMS trade at 7sen share price is support by its net cash position, 4.5sen/share or about 2/3 of the current share price is in the form of net cash, downside limited while awaiting for its recent 3 JV with china base company to contribute its bottom line.

1. JV with ZTE supply chain (3 Oct 2013)
To assist in exploring opportunities, wherein ZTESC is able to assist, participate and contribute to the growth of the Intelligent Supply Chain Services in Malaysia.

To assist in sourcing for companies who have been granted any project/concession who are seeking for financial assistance whereby ZTESC will be able to assist.

2. JV with ShenZen ZNV Technology (14 Oct 2013)
To introduce global surveillance in the Iskandar Development Region.

3. JV ShenZhen Blephone Technology (9 December 2013)
To distribute all products of Lephone. Lephone has six international mobile phone brands, namely Lephone, Lesun, Lecom, Goldial, Coomax and lephone乐丰,

hng said...

Today adds on more TMS at 7sen

hng said...

According to TMS last announcement for private placement 10% on 25 Jun 2013, TMS has indicate that fund raising is to prepare for its project: Perluasan Sistem Pengurusan Sekolah (SPS). These project is JV with Theta Edge, subsidiary of Leembaga Tabung Haji.

Perluasan Sistem Pengurusan Sekolah (“SPS”) project, involved in the provision of ICT systems to 10,000 government schools nationwide to manage day-to-day school operations for the Ministry of Education (“MOE”). Based on the Management’s understanding, its main partners (Theta Edge) had submitted the proposals for the
SPS project to the MOE between 2010 to 2012. As at the LPD, the scope, award, duration and the contract value of the SPS project is yet to be finalised by the MOE. Based on the on-going discussions between the TMS Group and its main partners, it is expected that the MOE will finalise the scope and the successful candidate for the SPS project by the fourth (4th) quarter of 2013.

The prolonged approval process was possibly attributed to the lengthy process to establish the broadband infrastructure (1BestariNet, develop by YTL com, subsidiary of YTLP) and provision of computers and peripherals to the schools by third parties prior to the award of the SPS project (chromebook to be supply by YTL com)

Based on latest check via internet portal, these SPS project have gradually initiate introduction the usage of SPS in many school to school teacher since middle of 2013. Based on completion of 1Bestarinet in the end of last year, and progress introduction of SPS in school nationwide, i believe the award of contract will be announce soon, early these year.

SSN said...

Congrats Horse,
Hope u will gain more this year.

horse said...

THanks All.

SUNREIT - Sold at 1.25. 2sen profit.^^

Teng said...


Your returns is taking consideration of dividends received?

42% is impressive. Double my returns

hng said...

The free float of YTLP share is greatly reduce now. Based on latest annual report Yeoh family control about 57.79% stake through YTL corp + cornerstone + individual family member stake.

This is follow by second largest shareholder, EPF, which have stop disposing share now, stake now at 6.5%

PNB manage various fund, combined control 13.71% stake, spreading into several major fund namely skim Amanag Saham Bumi: 4.35%; value cap:: 3.47% and other like ASM, ASD etc

Other GLC like kumpulan Wang Persaraan 3.17 and LTH 1.99% (likely dispose some its stake due to YTLP non syariah compliance issue)

All in all, Yeoh family together with various fund control 83.21%. If take into account current treasury stake at 8.7%, grand total stake now stand 91.91%, implying public spread have reduce to below just merely 8.09%...

Which mean if YTLP sbb like to continue and opt for second cancellation follow bu resume to buyback another 10%, YTL share current spread may not even enough to meet another 10% unless of course some of warrant opt for conversion to increase free float or alternatively EPF or LTH continue dispose their stake till sold out only barely can meet second 10% sbb target...

karimaero said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
karimaero said...


Fantastic..Congrats!....Hopefully another prosperous year ahead for all of us.


hng said...

selling WCT at 2.12

hng said...

sold off all WCT at 2.12-2.14, WCT-WB at 41-42sen

horse said...


Yes, the returns include dividend received.

horse said...

YTL - Bought at 1.60.

WCT - Bought at 2.06, sold all at 2.10. ^^

SUNREIT - Bought at 1.25.

TWRREIT - Bought at 1.52.

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