Saturday, January 4, 2014

Weekly Trades : 4/1/2014 (1st Week)



2. As we enter the 1st week of Year 2014, all of us "investors" would wonder what stocks to pick and buy, i would say year 2014 remain very challenging i guess. As KLCI already breaking record high, how high can it go ? This remain question mark. Stick with what you know best is the safest bet i think. For me remain as status quo as what i did best for decade, stick with dividend yielding stocks. REITs remain one of my favourite. To earn at least 7% a year should be of no problem if we stick to our principle. On and Off punt with what come along and that you think high chance of winnings. For a matter of fact when come to investment, one need to be reasonably "loaded" in order to make reasonable return, this is basic thing when we do business we need to have capital. Wealth is through accumulation, so don't rush and get yourself burn in one silly mistake and wideout all your gains. ^^
3. Often we see many youngster would want to get immediate gain from stock market, end up they pay a heavy price. We come a long way as an old birds, so to speak. ^^ Even with the exposure and experience gain throughout the years we may suffer losses at time. This show that there is no holy gail method that ensure one earning most of the time but the mistake we encountered and the exposure we are in thus far, will mitigate our risk in stock market as experience really count. Follow the experienced leaders and advise, sometime it is the shortcut to stock market investment but one need to polish up their own skill and sharpen their own saw so that they can do their own fishing as well without relying too much on rumours. ^^
4. I wish all to have a wishful New Year throughout 2014 and let's us joint hand to make a year 2014 an even better year for us.
5. Good Luck and May The Best Price be yours always. ^^ God Bless.


Teng said...

Sold UOADev at 190.Bought 183 last friday.

Thanks CK5354 for the timely tips

horse said...

Congratz Teng. ^^

horse said...

IGBREIT - Sold at 1.21.^^

WCT - Sold all at 2.21.^^

BJTOTO - Bought back at 3.99.

ck5354 said...

u are welcome teng. But I sendiri tak buy. Ha ha ha.

hng said...

Lets look back what YTLP have progress of its 30% stake in Enefit Jordan. Enefit Jordan have 2 wholly own subsidiary, Attarat Power and Jordan oil shale company. Enefit jordan have 2 parallel project in Jordan, the mining of oil shale and process to recover oil : oil project, conduct by Jordan oil shale company. The other project is power project involve oil shale for direct burning in power station to generate electricity, conduct by Attarat Power company

Attarat Power is to develop first oil shale fire power plant with first power plant 540 MW ready by 2017, On the other hand, oil shale mining and target to produce 40,000 barrel of oil per day by 2019. Currently, Attarat power have award construction power plant to Chinese Firm Guondong Power Eng and have secure finance total US$ 1.4bilion from bank of China and Commercial bank of China. On the other hand, It oil project by Jordan oil shale company still in the midst to carry mining tender for mining area 11Km2 still in the process, with deposit to supply 40year oil shale.

Remark: Oil shale is a sedimentary rock that contain organic material call kerogen, kerogen can be heated , separated from the rock, and process turn into liquid shale oil, which can treated and refine into diesel and petrol.

hng said...

Jordan oil shale production is for own jordan country consumption, which is estimate to reduce 20-30% cost input from import of crude oil. Jordan Enefit is finalize the concession deal with Jordan gov, 30 year power supply for is power project for first phase 540MW oil shale fire power agreement and 40year concessions for oil project, to supply fuel oil from oil shale mining - oil recovery process - shale oil - refine and treatment = gas + fuel oil .

Its power plant will apply most efficient and environmentally friendly technique, used fluidized bed combustion technology and air cooling system to minimize water use. Shale oil can be mining from the surface and direct burn in power station to generate electricity. Through tender, Chinese firm Guandong Power Eng has win the project, which i think has tender lowest bid yet equip with experience and technology.

YTLP 30% stake was acquire 3 year ago for USD 11.5m, It 30% stake was comprise of 11% acquire from Enefit and 19% from Near East investment. Current shareholding: Enefit still hold 65%, YTLP 309% and Near East 5%. With these shale oil project (Power + oil shale production) now getting closer to sign concession agreement, YTLP these 30% investment has now increase mulitfold in value already. Once its Power project start generate electricity in 2017 and oil shale production in 2019, YTLP will become first involve entire production chain both upstream and downstream

SSN said...

BJTOTO-Bought at 4.01.Hope able to sell tomorrow with gain.

horse said...

PAVREIT - Bought at higher price at 1.29.

SUNREIT - Sold at 1.26.

horse said...


Probably can keep till ex-date on 9/1/2014 and sell 2-3 bids higher on the same day if happen to come. ^^ Still entitle 6sen dividend. ^^

Teng said...

Bought YTL-WB 66.5

SSN said...

Sold BTOTO AT 4.04
Bought YTLWB AT 66.0

horse said...

Wow. Not bad Teng & SSN. ^^

No trading from me today.
I wait till tomorrow if there is any chance for me to dispose BJTOTO after ex. Most likely BJTOTO will bounce back a bit after ex tomorrow. ^^

Eelyn Soon said...

pjdev anyone?

hng said...

Fat Cat Tim Buddy

uncle yeoh told shareholders to be patient (sitting on cash pile that eaten by inflation ,not paying dividend), but if shh are patient, who going to sell to him? really contradiction.. what a hypocrite.. kikiki...


YTLP sbb already wisely utilize its cash pile to buyback share from open market, so far already accumulated 8.79% stake, if include previous cancellation 3.5%, grand total sbb so far have buyback total of 12.29% company stake and successful support share price to current level.

hng said...

Fat Cat Tim Buddy

not really la, when they buy back the share from freshly converted warrant, the warrant exercise price is RM1.21 , they buy back at RM 1.8 , so they actually using RM 0.59 to buy only lo..

the huge cash pile sit in the coffer for so long, now already eaten up by inflation lo , and since inflation is happening, assets price not going to be cheap for acquisition , unless there is some crash in market or some deepshit company for sale...

long story short, from a investor point of view, i dont think uncle yeoh is utilizing the company money in a efficient way lo... he is very stingy and pay peanut dividend and now even not bother to pay at all

he tell the company shh to be patient... but if everyone is patient... who going to sell to him le? is it this contradiction or what?

but what to do.. he is the bauce , he is the biggest shh , as long as i can profit from the fluctuation, i really dont care about how he manage the company lo... kikiki...


Please check back bursa announcement correctly. So far, all total warrant opt for exercise to convert is about 88.028m, which is less than 10% of YTLP share buyback cumulatively up to latest 631m + previous cancellation 250m = 881m

Which mean YTLP have spend about RM 1500m cash to buyback total 881m share at assume average RM 1.70, compared to cash proceed raise from warrant conversion RM 106.5m (no of warrant converted x exercise price 1.21). It implying, YTLP have utilize it net cash pile of net RM 1394m or about 20sen/share already spent for sbb purpose.

YTLP if opt for cash dividend payment, these 20sen/share, translate more than 10% yield to current share price. However, management opt for much better option to utilize these cash to share buyback instead of cash dividend payout to benefit EQUALLY all shareholder rather than just benefit major shareholder the most.

Some may argue YTLP no cash dividend payout is due to the need to conserve cash to develop Yes broadband and 1BetsariNet and upcoming Enefit Jorhan oil shale power plant and oil shale production. But YTLP opt for balance in managing its cash pile, by effective utilized its cash for sbb, but at the same time keep on developing its Yes broadband and 1BetsariNet which already in progress to turnaround soon. Bear in mind, about all total of these treasury share 881m is accumulate is less a year time, showing YTLP management already foreseen its heavy investment in Yes broadband now is in on course to make handsome profit soon with completion of 1BestariNet covering more than 10,000 school nationwide

Each individual shareholder or institutional investor have own investment horizon and risk profile. Some is short term, mid term or long term and there are many other alternative stock available in bursa. Its freedom to pick and chooe whatever fit investor risk and reward profile. YTLP aggressive sbb is proven strategy to offer option to buyback share from open market and absorb motivated seller volume. In longer term, free float in open market will gradually reduce as sbb only accumulate and cancell without distribution back to open market, supply and demand factor will soon play important role in share price aside from company fundamental improvement such as YTLP manage to turnaround Yes broadband + secure project 3B power plant + Enefit Jorhan oil shale power plant and oil shale production etc

hng said...

发电厂Project 3B项目 杨忠礼电力竞标领跑

2014-01-12 09:35


财经周刊《The Edge》翻阅报告发现,杨忠礼电力已被推荐为能源委员会(EC)的首选竞标方,因该公司所提出的已调整名义电费为每度(kWh)25.23仙,是最低的竞投价格。








惟基于Project 3B项目是通过公开竞标颁发,因此,出现更多具有竞争力的价格。

hng said...

Sold partial YTLP-WB at 70sen, swap margin to buy UOAdev at 1.87 and WCT-WC at 42sen

SSN said...

Still keeping your BJTOTO ?
Hesitate to sell YTLPWD.

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