Sunday, August 24, 2014

Weekly Trades Dated 24/8/2014

1. Traded above last week.

2. Good luck. ^^


Miharu Yong 米哈鹿。杨 said...

Hi horse,i am very surprise and curiouse about your investment strategy, how you able to make profit with the 2 sen?is it you bought and selled PAVREIT with very big volume?but however,is it worth it ?(processing fee)thanks and wish to learn from you ,thanks a lot.
Newbee in share market- Miharu^^

hng said...

Tajung Haji keep accumulating Puncak share by more than 1% in just 2 days.

1. 20/8, bought 2.5m share or 90% of total volume traded
2. 21/8, bought 2.5m share or 71% of total volume traded
3. 22/8, bought 1.7192m share, or 62% of total volume traded.

Within 3 days, LTH stake in Puncak increase 1.6% to 6.05% now

horse said...


If PUNCAK does come 'fiercely', you will be laughing all the way to the Bank. ^^

horse said...


e.g :-

CMMT - 2sen profit
BUY 20000 @ 1.41
SELL 20000 @ 1.43
BUY Brokerage (all in) = 28265.66
SELL Brokerage (all in)= 28533.82
Total Profit = RM268.16

If you can trade few round as such within a month. Long run it will be quite substantial.^^
Of course this is just one of my trading strategy.

Miharu Yong 米哈鹿。杨 said...

Morning Horse,
i am so appreciate and touching when i saw your comment ^^
i read your blogs again and again when the first time i found your blog from other bloggers.In fact , i tried to analysis by own my ownself after following your blogs , and i am great finally to get to know your strategy, however it cost very high , but i believe it is worth to do it, thanks a lot Horse, i must treat you nice dinner after i gained from this way ^0^

Mike Forex Cable said...

Horse is a very top professional trader. Pls dun follow him.

hng said...

DRB-Hicom posts hefty earnings, boost from auto

KUALA LUMPUR: DRB-Hicom Bhd’s first quarter ended June 30, 2014 net profit surged to RM107.83mil from RM10.25mil a year ago.

In a statement to Bursa Malaysia on Thursday, the automotive company’s revenue for the period rose 21.9% to RM3.724bil from RM3.054bil a year ago.

Earnings per share for the period stood at 5.58 sen against 0.53 sen a year earlier.

The national car producer said its improved performance was largely attributed to stronger performance in the automotive and defence, and services sectors, as well as continued improvements in operating efficiencies and cost containment.

Group managing director Tan Sri Mohd Khamil Jamil said that higher recognition of revenue from the defence projects as well as the inclusion of new revenue streams from Composites Technology Research Malaysia Sdn Bhd and Konsortium Logistik Bhd have contributed to the increase in revenue for the quarter.

Moving forward, he said the group is optimistic that it would be able to achieve satisfactory performance for the financial year ending March 31, 2015

hng said...


I think today, LTH also has accumulating Puncak at 3.35, could be as much as 80% of the today total volume. Can confirm after LTH release its shareholding change in next few days. To LTH, it is still accumulation phase, passively accumulate share from seller, but once it reach its optimum level, next will be marked up phase once Puncak signed definitive agreement with State and Fed gov, should happen anytime soon.

horse said...

DRBHCOM - Impressive 1Q. ^^

YTLPWR - Surprisingly 10sen dividend. ^^

hng said...

The star performer in DRB latest result is major reversal in automotive segment, recording profit before tax RM 76m compared record loss in last 2 consecutive quarter (Q4 to -64m and Q3 -75m).

hng said...

I suspect Francis Yeoh declare bumper dividend perhaps wanted to 'compensate' shareholder loss in share price due to his own mistake that cause loss of 4A power project. If without bumper dividend to reward shareholder, Francis Teoh may face numerous blame from shareholder in upcoming AGM :D)

hng said...

YTLP record profit before tax RM 232m (-26%), but realize net profit RM 448m (+ 67%) !!??

Further check YTLP financial only can found that it is mainly due to one off prior year tax credit and deferred tax credit record by Wessex water. Lucky YTLP declare 10sen final dividend, if without dividend/tax credit, it financial result will be reduce significantly.

hng said...

After impressive Q1 result, DRB is expect to declare 4.5sen final dividend soon. The next catalyst will be its hatchback GSC (proton iriz) next month, follow by Sedan GSC (new proton Saga) next year.

Teng said...

My average cost for DRB is slightly below 2.20. Now only breakeven

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