Sunday, August 3, 2014

Weekly Trades Dated : 03/08/2014

1. Traded above last week. ^^

2. DRBHCOM - Scalp on this. Bought at 2.21 and sold at 2.24. ^^

3. PAVREIT - Bought more at 1.38. ^^

4. IGBREIT - Bought more at 1.28. ^^

5. Good Luck.


hng said...

With Head of agreement signed between State and Fed gov, water deal seem progress well. Decided to buyback partial Puncak at 3.36-3.37 today

Teng said...

Decided to take profit on KPS today. Will buy back if there is opportunity

horse said...


IGBREIT - Sold some at 1.29. ^^

hng said...

Sold off YTL at 1.61, realize some paper gain, swap to Puncak and YTL-E

horse said...

DRBHCOM - Bought more at 2.2 - 2.21. ^^

hng said...

The GSC has been spotted testing several times before. It was even tested under cold weather climates overseas. Specs for the hatch remain a mystery but reports claim the car to feature a 1.3-litre engine, possibly turbocharged, mated to a CVT. With Tun Dr Mahathir at the helm, Proton is keen to win back the hearts of local customers as the national’s sole car maker. If the P2-30A is as good as they say, and we hope it is, it will have no problem locking horns with the popular Myvi and other hatches in the Malaysian market as well.

It will be battle between proton GSC vs Myvi in B segment or better know as Myvi killer.

The sedan version of these hatchback GSC will be next proton Saga to be lunched next year. Therefore, witiin 1 year alone (end of 2014 till end of 2015), proton will introduce both hatchback GSC and sedan GSC (proton Saga), target mass production, expect surge in total proton volume sale.

hng said...

Honda’s sales up 84pc in first half 2014 (DRB have 34% stake in Honda Msia)

KUALA LUMPUR: Honda Malaysia Sdn Bhd sales increased 84 per cent in the first half of 2014 compared with the same period in 2013.

In a statement today, Honda said the strong sales performance was driven by overall Honda Malaysia sales that showed strong growth with more than 37,000 units sold in the first half of 2014 which translated into a 12 per cent market share.

Managing director and chief executive officer Yoichiro Ueno said thesuccess of the All-New City which was launched in March has been instrumental in driving the outstanding sales achievement.

"Honda Malaysia is confident that the good market acceptance of the All-New Jazz, which was launched two weeks ago, will continue its good business momentum," Ueno said.

Honda Malaysia has also opened its 12th body and paint centre in Negeri Sembilan, which will be operated by Ban Lee Heng Motor.

"Five million ringgit has been invested into the building, land, facilities and equipment for the new body and paint centre which features 18 bays, one paint mixing room, three parts store rooms and two spray booths," he added.

On prospects, Honda Malaysia is targeting to have 90 dealers by 2015 and has been working closely with its dealers to improve their services to provide a complete package of after-sales services and convenience to customers, nationwide.

"To date, there are a total of 76 Honda dealers in Malaysia - six are 1S Centres and 70 are 3S Centres of which 12 have body and paint Centres," hesaid.-- Bernama

hng said...

New entry level Audi sedan (Audi A3 Sedan) launched in Malaysia this week, distribute by DRB subsidiary Euromobil

hng said...

PKR today denied issuing the letter, which was said allegedly issued by PKR secretary-general Saifuddin Nasution to allow for the smooth transition of Datuk Seri Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail as the new Selangor menteri besar.

The letter states that if Khalid agrees to step down, he would be appointed the chairman of the water restructuring committee, the Selangor economic adviser with an allowance of RM50,000 a month, and perks similar to that of a menteri besar.

It also mentions that all of Khalid’s political and financial transgressions will be covered up and no investigations would be launched against him.

when asked to comment on the letter that purportedly revealed PKR offering him a slew of compensations in return for his resignation, Khalid said such offers were unnecessary.

He added that the letter indicated the maturity level of Malaysian politics, and urged PKR to avoid getting embroiled in such affairs.

“Offer? There is no need to make such offers. What is the point? I must show my maturity and ensure respect is given to the voters of Selangor.

“The rakyat do not want such things. They will say it is bribery. Thank you very much,” said Khalid.

Khalid have sent two letters, one to PKR’s Disciplinary Board responding to the party’s show cause letter and another to the MACC asking them to investigate the allegations against him.
06/08/2014 19:00

horse said...

IGBREIT - Sold some at 1.30.^^

DRBHCOM - Hope this is the next to come and a BIG one. ^^ All will be laughing all the way to the Bank. ^^

horse said...

IGBREIT - Bought back at 1.29. ^^

hng said...























hng said...

With these change in partnership, i believe Audi wholly own by Volkwagen will follow Volkwagen footstep to introduce Audi CKD instead of CBU and appoint DRB to locally assemble Audi car, reduce car price, increase sale volume, compete directly in premium car segment vs. Benze, BMW,

hng said...

Lotus races to best Q1 in 3 years
9 August 2014 @ 12:12 AM

KUALA LUMPUR: Group Lotus Plc, the sports car and engineering arm of Proton Holdings Bhd, has delivered its best June results in four years and its best first quarter (Q1) sales in three years.

In a statement yesterday, Lotus said global sports car sales in the April-June quarter jumped 31 per cent to 505 units, compared with 386 units in the same period last year.

The figures also showed the best monthly results in four years with sales of 192 units in June.

Key markets that contributed to the strong results were France, Germany, Switzerland and Japan. The improved performance is due to rising

demand for the Lotus range of sports cars, namely the Evora, Exige and Elise.

Lotus’ Q1 figures also reflected the plans to expand its global network with new dealerships expected in the coming months.

Lotus chief executive officer Jean-Marc Gales said it will ensure that more customers have the chance to own one of world’s best sports cars.

The Norfolk, United Kingdom-based Group Lotus is DRB-HICOM Bhd’s wholly-owned subsidiary. It has three operating divisions, which are Lotus Cars, Lotus Engineering and Lotus Motorsport.

Lotus Cars builds world-class high-performance sports cars, including the Evora and the Exige.

Lotus Engineering provides comprehensive consultancy services to many global OEMs (original equipment manufacturers) and tier-1 suppliers, and is an internationally-recognised automotive engineering consultancy.

hng said...

Can Rafizi and Kak Wan answer these questions?

To those who are attending the relentless PKR roadshows by Wan Azizah and Rafizi Ramli, can you please help me ask them the following questions during the Q&A time?

1) Rafizi said that Khalid reducing the price of SPLASH from RM2.5 billion to RM250 million is questionable and lack integrity. Can you ask Rafizi how exactly will it help the Rakyat of Selangor if the Selangor State has to pay an extra RM2.25 billion to a private company?

2) Can Rafizi confirm that Anwar Ibrahim had brought SPLASH’s Wan Azmi to meet MB Khalid to appeal for a higher price for SPLASH? If it is true, can this be considered cronyism and politicians trying to intervene in a state commercial deal?


7) Is it true that after Tropicana Bhd sold the land to Eco World, MB Khalid tried to block the transaction and also asked Tropicana to make full-payment of RM844.2 million immediately instead of RM1.3 billion over 20 years? If MB Khalid was benefitting from this deal, why is he making it hard on Tropicana to pay up all immediately instead of a much cheaper and favorable RM1.3 billion over 20 years?


10) If Wan Azizah becomes MB, can PKR promise to make the following pledges as called for by Nathaniel Tan today?

Promise Number 1: Not to approve the transfer of ownership of 308.72 acres of land near Kota Kemuning from Tropicana Corporation Bhd to Eco World Development Sdn Bhd, or allow any development by any of these two companies on the total 1,172 acres of land, until Tropicana pays the state government no less than RM844.2 million - this being the Selangor people’s rightful share of the profits from this transaction and development.

Promise number 2: That water concessionaire Syarikat Pengeluar Air Sungai Selangor Sdn Bhd (Splash) will not be paid one sen over the RM250 million currently offered by the Selangor government.

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