Saturday, July 26, 2014

Weekly Trades Dated : 26/7/2014

1. Traded above last week. ^^

2. PAVREIT - Keep scalping on this. Still holding a lot on this for dividend. Buying more at 1.38.^^

3. DRBHCOM - Follow hng, buying into this. Good Luck. ^^

4. IGBREIT - Sold some at 1.30.^^ Hope to buy back at 1.28. ^^ Still keeping some for dividend. ^^

5. RCECAP - Personally i think this one will surpass 40sen by the coming quarter or 1.5sen dividend declaration next month. ^^ Will buy in come next month.

6. Good Luck. ^^


horse said...

DRBHCOM - sold at 2.24. Bought back at 2.21. ^^

IGBREIT - Buy more at 1.28.

horse said...

DRBHCOM - Sold at 2.24.^^

PAVREIT - Buy more at 1.38. ^^

hng said...

After losing 4A power project, i think in short term YTLP lack of catalyst and only can expect it can grant extension of its IPP expire next year. In the meantime, still expecting any sign of turnaround of its still losing Yes broadband and 1BestariNEt. Although still positive of its broadband potential, but i opt for more caution stand by opting YTL-E instead of YTLP for Yes broadbroand + 1 bestariNet exposure.

I have just bought YTL-e at 60.5sen, expect at least 2 sen dividend in upcoming Q4 middle of these month. YTL-e is the major beneficial for YTLP Yes broadband expansion and 1BestariNet, which utilize YTLE wimax spectrum.

YTL-E derive steady earning by lease out its Wimax spectrum to YTLP. With increase YTLP Yes broadband subscriber and completion of 1BestariNet, any increase in revenues above the threshold, YTL-E able to entitle profit sharing on top of fixed leasing earning.

YTLE also have excellent balance sheet, record net cash above RM 200m with no borrowing, therefore, any increase in interest rate, reap extra interest income.

twshien said...

hi hng,

i respect your analysis.

I would like to ask, what if YTLP do not get grant extension of its IPP (since Francis Yeoh spoke wrong word about cronyism)? Or Msia still lack of electricity power, so the chance of getting extension is still high?


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