Sunday, July 6, 2014

Weekly Trades Dated 6/7/2014

1. Traded above last week. ^^

2. Another SCAM ?? A self-proclaimed “youngest self-made millionaire” from China "Zhang Jian" get an accusations that his business model was nothing more than a get-rich-quick scheme. !? Not again !. I wonder why as human being like us we seem like not learning from experience when dealing with dollar and cents. Our eyes are blind folded ? when money is involved and effortlessly being generated ? If so, greed has just succumbed us and we failed to think logically and allow greed to embrace us unknowingly. Same case when dealing with stock investment, when greed lead your way it is destined to fail some how or rather. ^^
3. Good Luck.


hng said...

Sometime, we just can't blame those victim solely due to their greed. There is almost none financial/investment knowledge in our education system. It is obvious especially those highly educated or even famous celebraty also fall into these scam.

Although BNM have take some effort to educate public through newspaper portal, but the continuously education and awareness in all social level is a key to alert each and everyone if there is doubt in turn of return of investment. Otherwise, on and off, there will new scam repacking in whoever way to continue entice next victim.

horse said...

hng said...

膽敢冒王室成員! 霹蘇丹辦公室揭穿張健




horse said...

LOL !!!

All sort of trick also can come out. ^^

horse said...

Keep scalping on Pavreit. ^^

hng said...

Two become one – Possible merge the ERL and HSR

Government was considering a proposal to expand the Express Rail Link (ERL) to include stops in Seremban and Malacca. Coincidentally, there is also a proposal to build a high speed rail link (HSR) to Singapore which will stop in those two cities. Therefore, it is logical instead of building both lines running along the same alignment, the HSR route should merged into ERL’s plans for expansion. It is worthwhile for SPAD to consider if they can merge the two proposals into one concerted and well laid out plan, especially at a time when the government is said to be rationalizing its mega-project plans, this just might work to cut cost at least by another 10 billion by fully use of exiting ERL line.

Although the travel time KL-Singapore will be longer than expected 90min, but it may just take additional 60min at max, totaling traveling time to up to 1.5 hour, which is still faster than air route which need to include check-in/out airport and travel time between airport to cities. (ERL speed 160km/hr + HSR speed 300km/hr

ERLSB shareholders are YTL Corporation Bhd, Lembaga Tabung Haji Bhd and Trisilco Equity Sdn Bhd with 50%, 40% and 10% respectively. YTL Corp was the ones who proposed a high speed rail link with Singapore in the first place. ERLSB has said that it will bid for any HSR project. The company has both the experience in building and running such a rail link. Other benefits include the fact that the ERL’s main terminal is at KL Sentral. which makes it accessible via a wide range of transportation options. It also goes past the KLIA and klia2 terminals, which will be a great convenience for folks along the route who need to get to the country’s main airport to catch their international flights.

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