Sunday, July 20, 2014

Weekly Trades Dated : 20/7/2014

1. Traded above last week. ^^

2. Good Luck.


horse said...

PAVREIT - Sold some at 1.38^^

twshien said...

hi horse,

do you still hold ytlpwr-wb?

horse said...


YTLP-WB - Yes.. still holding. Bought back at 0.565 and 0.559. Two batches. :(

IGBREIT - Bought at 1.24 today. ^^

twshien said...

i too..:(

igbreit will announce dividend soon

do you still hold pavreit to get dividend?

hng said...

Sold off Parkson at 2.70, realize handsome profit + entitle share dividend

Sold off all pavriet (RM 1.40, yesterday) and UOAREITs at 1.42-1.43 (today), realize all paper profit.

It have been long time haven't realize REITS profit.

hng said...

Bought more DRB HICOM today at 2.20-2.21.

hng said...

Portfolio now back to fully invested, concentrate on 2 stocks, both are conglomerate.

1. DRB-HICOM 55% (av price RM 2.24)
2. YTL corp 45% (av price RM 1.585)

horse said...

COngratz hng. ^^

IGBREIT - SOld some today at 1.25. ^^ Just declared 3.89sen. ^^

PAVREIT - Still keeping bulk of this for dividend. ^^

hng said...

Iklan Raya Proton 2014: Proton Sepanjang Raya

在 Proton 的开斋节广告结尾中,出现了这么一句 "Nantikan Kemunculannya" 的马来文,这句马来文指的是“等待你的出现”,神神秘秘的到底是等谁呢?影片中并没有说明是谁,只放了一张汽车大灯的背影,留给观众自己去猜想。

但是聪明+眼尖的你,想必已经知道答案了吧?虽然没有答案,但可以大胆猜测,它就是近期常常出现试车谍照的 Proton GSC (Global Small Car)。影片以开斋节为题材,顺便在结尾带出 Proton GSC 最具特征的一角,是不是说,开斋节后就会揭幕呢?

Nantikan Kemunculannya,敬请期待吧~

These Global small car is game changer for proton, its a first proton venture into B segment car. It is expect to price competitively between 45k-55k, depending on specification and variant 1.3 turbo engine. It will create much needed volume for proton in order to achieve at least breakeven point from current yearly 130k to at least 150k volume.

DRB car marques sale for 6 month 2014

1. Proton 63,040 (-2.7%)
2. Honda 37,203 (+70.1%)
3. Volkwagen 5,402 (+25.8%)

4. Lotus 3 month sale volume, 505 (+36%)

The GSC is expect to launch after Raya. The sedan version of these global small car will be launched next year to replace current saga. In the pipeline for next year launched also include new proton perdana (re-badge Honda Accord) and first proton electric car/hybrid car

Teng said...

IGBReit hit high of 1.30 today. Time to take profit?

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