Sunday, September 14, 2014

KLSE : Weekly Trades Dated : 14/9/2014

1. Traded above last week. ^^

2. IGBREIT - Sold at 1.29, bought them back at 1.28. ^^

3. YTLPOWR - Sold at 1.59, bought back at 1.57. ^^

4. DRBHCOM - Sold 2.28, bought back at 2.24. ^^

5. Not a bad trading last week. Hope the momentum continue. ^^

6. Good Luck.


hng said...

Proton PCC undisguised – driven by Tun Mahathir

Surprise, surprise. Exactly 10 days before its launch, the Proton PCC/Iriz has been spotted completely undisguised right here in Kuala Lumpur. How could that be, we hear you ask? Well, you only need to look at the driver to find out. It’s Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad, Proton chairman himself behind the wheel of the Malaysian carmaker’s upcoming “game changer”. Let’s call it his own personal teaser/preview.

It’s quite a looker in the flesh, we’ll tell you that much. Even without referring to its external dimensions, the new Proton is visibly larger than the Perodua Myvi. It looks much longer and wider. The rear end can finally be seen in full, with its LED lamps and rear hatch neatly nestled within a separate layer from the side body panels – what Proton designers have dubbed the ‘chamfered’ look.

The car was covered soon after it was parked in Pavilion, so we couldn’t get any close-up or interior shots. Oh well, these new pictures already show the new Myvi-fighter in more detail than we’ve seen before – internal leaks aside, that is. In any case, Proton has released revealing interior photos of the PCC/Iriz for us to see last week, anyway.

As is to be expected, the car here is the range-topping 1.6 Premium variant, which we now know will carry a RM59,888 price tag in five-speed manual form, or RM62,888 with a CVT transmission (both metallic, OTR with insurance in Peninsular Malaysia). As revealed in an official tentative price list yesterday, the range will start at RM42,438 for the base 1.3 Standard MT, coming within hundreds of the Myvi’s prices.

Eight variants and seven colours will be offered, and we’ve already detailed the exterior and interior differences between the models last week – now backed up by the full official specifications and equipment list. Safe to say (pun intended), it will be an attractive package no matter what variant you choose, with standard electronic stability control and a five-star ASEAN NCAP crash safety rating across the whole range.

The official BetulBetulOnz teaser microsite also mentions that the order books for the Proton PCC/Iriz have opened, so you can now register your interest in Proton showrooms nationwide. We’ll have more – confirmed prices, full technical/equipment details and a comprehensive photo gallery – from the official launch this September 25.

horse said...

DRBHCOM - Sold 2.30, bought back at 2.28. ^^

hng said...

Proton chairman Mahathir puts new Iriz to the test

Former Prime Minister (PM) Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad became one of the first persons to test drive the new Proton Iriz on the public roads yesterday, and gave his approval of the compact car scheduled to be launched by national carmaker Proton Holdings Bhd on Sept 25, 2014.

Although the national carmaker has not officially announced the model name and the price, auto market observers believe it will be priced between RM40,000 and RM60,000.

Known as the Proton Compact Car (PCC), the model is expected to offer seven colour choices and two initial variants, the 1.3 manual transmission and the 1.6 automatic continuously variable transmission (CVT), with more variants in the pipeline.

According to a popular auto websites, the PCC has registered with the Intellectual Property Corp of Malaysia (MyIPO) on Aug 15, 2014.

The B-segment five-door hatchback will compete with Perodua Myvi, manufactured by Perusahaan Otomobil Kedua Sdn Bhd or Perodua.

Dr Mahathir, who has been a Proton advisor since he retired as prime minister in 2003, was appointed as chairman of Proton and its wholly owned subsidiary Lotus plc on May 21.

DRB-Hicom Bhd, the parent company of Proton, has also recently appointed Datuk Abdul Harith Abdullah as CEO for Proton. Abdul Harith was previously group director for automotive and defence in DRBHicom.

“My plan is to work with Proton, and make it (Proton) a success,” Dr Mahathir was quoted saying at the Asian Banker Annual Leadership Achievement Awards Dinner 2014 recently.

In a recent interview, DRBHicom said the company has been focussing on radical transformation measures for Proton’s management, and Dr Mahathir’s appointment is expected to bring Proton to stronger domestic and global presence, given the former PM’s influence in the industry.

Teng said...


Haha,I did better today. Sold DRB at 2.31,bought back 2.27

horse said...

Congratz Teng. ^^

Keep up the good work.

hng said...

1. Khalid jawab kontroversi water restructuring (total 5 siri)

2. Khalid jawab kontroversi Bank Islam

3. Khalid jawab kontroversi land issue with Trop

4 Khalid jawab kontroversi land issue with Ecoworld

horse said...

DRBHCOM - Bought more at 2.24. ^^

horse said...

DRBHCOM - Sold at 2.26, bought back at 2.24.

YTLPWR - SOld at 1.58

CMMT - Bought at 1.40 - 1.41

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