Saturday, September 27, 2014

KLSE : Weekly Trades Dated 27/9/2014

1. Traded above last week. ^^

2. IGBREIT - Sold all at RM1.31. ^^ Keep scalping on this if there is any chance. ^^

3. CMMT - Sold all at RM1.43. ^^ Scalping to maximise profit on this as well.

4. DRBHCOM - Sold more at RM2.26. ^^ Keeping some for further upside but it goes reverse instead even with the great respond from IRIZ launching. Mostly likely keeping the remaining for the 4.5sen dividend. ^^

5. Good Luck. ^^ May the best price be yours always. ^^


horse said...

IGBREIT - I did not realised that, i have been making over 23K just on this REIT alone recently. ^^

horse said...

Went and see IRIZ & AXIA today.
Surprisingly i sit at AXIA rear passenger i get more leg room than IRIZ !
IRIZ suppose to be a bigger car in term of size but why AXIA an A segment car out beat IRIZ B segment in term interior space ?
That really puzzle me !

hng said...

A winner for Proton

THE battle lines are drawn. The response so far to the new Proton Iriz has been good, with 17,000 people booking the car ahead of its launch.

The encouraging number of bookings is indication that the Iriz has struck a chord with the driving public. For Proton, it needs the car to reverse its flagging sales in order to produce 150,000 cars a year for it to be profitable.

It’s no coincidence then that the Iriz is targeted at buyers of Malaysia’s best-selling car – the Perodua Myvi.

The Myvi has been the leader in sales for a number of years, and since its launch about a decade ago, has remained the mainstay of Perodua’s sales with an annual production and sales of close to 100,000 cars. The Myvi has accounted for 50% of Perodua’s annual sales since 2006.

Proton’s gameplan appears to be offering a bigger car with better features than the Myvi at around the same price point. On paper, the car has all the ingredients to succeed as a sales winner for Proton. It now bears watching whether the momentum can carry forward to make the Iriz the winning model Proton needs to not only regain domestic dominance, but also, and more importantly, international sales.

The doors of liberalisation are slowly opening and the message sent to domestic car companies has been to buck up. The Iriz appears to be the first Proton model that gives a lot for the price point it is sold at.

Should the car find traction among car buyers in Malaysia, it is hoped that the Iriz would be able to be the export winner Proton has lacked ever since it was formed. Targeting the domestic market is a must, but the car must sell abroad too. How Proton executes its export-market strategy is equally important to show that the car maker is maturing as a company.

hng said...

Based on Perodua annual sale for Myvi about 100,000 unit (Myvi account 50% annual sale volume of Perodua 200,0000),

If new, more stylish, more safety feature Proton Iriz can induce buyer to swap to buy Iriz, then proton current sale will boost from current total sale volume 120,000 to up to 170,000 by adding at least 50,000 of these new iriz

hng said...

Teng said...


Your trade on IGBREIT is impressive. I still keep some at average <1.10 ( I made adjustment for dividend received)

horse said...

Cangratz Teng ! ^^

hng said...

Iriz to focus on domestic mart first

SHAH ALAM: Proton Holdings Bhd, a member of conglomerate DRB-HICOM Bhd, will focus on the domestic market for its new compact car, the Proton Iriz, for at least six months beforetaking it overseas, namely Europe, to tap into the global appetite for compact cars.

Proton chairman Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad said this yesterday at the unveiling of the Proton Iriz Active concept car to the media.

He said the United Kingdom, where the cars are right-hand-drive ones, will be the first country the Iriz will make a foray into, followed by other European countries.

Dr Mahathir said Proton is in the midst of engineering Iriz to convert it to left-hand-drives for the European countries and also incorporate features required by these countries.

“I am very happy with the progress made by Proton because this is the electronic age and we have to keep up with it,” he said, citing Iriz as the example of Proton’s progress.

“The financial progress of Proton depends on this car. If you buy, we will be profitable,” Dr Mahathir said in jest, adding that the export contributions to revenue will grow over time.

The former prime minister said that Iriz is a much improved Proton car — from the days when some units had window problems — and was optimistic of the new model’s success.

He also added that Iriz is entering the market at a time when competition is very stiff.

“The Malaysian market is quite limited and we have a lot of competitors, so our growth here will be a bit stunted because of the competition,” Dr Mahathir said.

Asked about plans to have replacement models for other Proton cars, he said the national carmaker is looking at introducing new versions of the Proton Saga.

“That will take a little bit of time. We want to see how the public will accept the Iriz ... then we can go ahead and use the car as a platform (in terms of car electronics),” Dr Mahathir said.

(The Proton Iriz Active model previewed by Dr Mahathir in Shah Alam at the company’s “Alami Proton” carnival is a prototype and still in the R&D stage.)

hng said...

Again, DRB still struggle to breakthrough RM 2.30 immediate resistance level. Lets hope, DRN can regain momentum bck, breaking it and stay above to confrim uptrend line.

I've visited Proton showroom , and testing Proton Iriz, indeed impressive and value for money. According to saleman, Proton Iriz now record more than 25k booking so far, and will start deliver to customer middle of next month.

hng said...

Just few days of launching Proton Iriz, proton already in the midst to introduce SUV version of proton Iriz, which is even more sporty.

Read more:

horse said...

DRBHCOM - Sold all at 2.30. ^^

IGBREIT - Bought 1.28 - 1.30. Sold all at 1.30. ^^

Teng said...

Sold some DRB at 2.28-2.29 today after it traded ex. Will buy back if it goes lower

hng said...

DRB earning will reach peak level once its military Deftech reach full scale production of AV8 combat tank next year + full contribution of Proton Iriz + introduce new saga (Iriz sedan) + Iriz active next year.

Other added catalyst is divestment of its 30% stake in Bank Muamalat, now just waiting approval from Bank Negara to initiate deal with potential buyer +

Potential secure support from Gov under research grant in upcoming Budget 2015 (10 Oct) +

Higher chance (one of the 4 shortlisted) to secure waste to energy incinerator concession which is highly complement to its Alam flora solid waster concession.

It is simply nonsense to value DRB at current level, which is almost 3 year lowest with full pack of earning catalyst. It is recognized by market once DRB start deliver excellent earning in next few quarter

After ex-dividend, again DRB immediate resistance level still at 2.30. Time is essence to allow DRB convincingly breaking these level, paving way for uptrend line. Can at least expect RM 2.50 in near term (<3 month), RM 2.70 (< 6 month), RM 3.00 ( < 1 year).

horse said...

DRBHCOM - Bought at 2.23, sold at 2.27-2.28. ^^

horse said...

DRBHCOM - Bought at 2.24-2.25.

IGBREIT - Bought 1.30, sold 1.31-1.32. ^^

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