Saturday, October 4, 2014

KLSE : Weekly Trades Dated : 4/10/2014

1. Traded above last week. ^^

2. DRBHCOM - Keep scalping on this. ^^ Some of the holdings entitle for dividend. Bought more units after ex at 2.23, sold all at 2.27 - 2.28. Bought back at 2.22, 2.24-2.25. ^^

3. IGBREIT - Going in, in a big wave. taking advantage of the big volume. ^^

4. Good Luck. ^^


horse said...

IGBREIT - SOld all at 1.31. ^^

DRBHCOM - Bought more at 2.21.

hng said...

Downside risk is minimum, but investor need to hold till Q3 result release next year Feb to see the impact on Proton Iriz and assess whether proton can indeed make turnaround and start contribute to DRB automotive division on top of DEftech AV8 military contact.

The upcoming Q2 result release next month will record one time net gain RM 68m from UniAsia general divestment, will add additional EPS about 3.5sen + if recurring DRB EPS at least 5sen, Q2 total earning will likely record at least 8.5sen

Other catalyst likely record within these month is DRBHICOM 97.37% subsidiary Alam Flora will likely sign 22 year concession with Kelatan gov for solid waste management. These is on top of Alam Flora exiting concession in 2011 to manage solid waste in Putrajaya, Kuala Lumpur, Selangor and Pahang. After signing concession with Kelantan,, Alam Flora likely to secure another concession with Terenggau.

horse said...

IGBREIT - Bought 1.29-1.30, sold all at 1.31. ^^

Teng said...

Follow Hng to buy UEMS at 171

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