Saturday, October 25, 2014

KLSE : Weekly Trades Dated 25/10.2014

1. Traded above last week. ^^

2. IGBREIT - Sold out all holdings at 1.30. ^^ Too bad it went up further.

3. PAVREIT - Sold out all holdings as well at 1.45. ^^ Now closed at 1.47. :(

4. CMMT - Bought about 60% of my entire investment fund from 1.39 to 1.42. ^^ Hope to reap handsome profit on this. ^^ Judging the recently run up of REITs, i think this one will follow suit together with the foot step of SUNREIT, IGBREIT & PAVREIT. ^^ 1.50 should be within reach by JAN 2015. ^^ Keep my finger crossed. ^^
5. DRBHCOM - Still holding tight on this. My avearge price is quite high. :(
6. As of now, my profit is half of last year. Nevertheless still consider decent for me at least i have been profit for the past decade. ^^
7. Good Luck. ^^


hng said...

Lotus records its best half year car sales since 2008/09
Monday, October 6, 2014 - 12:15

In addition, car sales for the second quarter of the current financial year show a rise of 69% compared to 2013-14.

Exige S, silver, rear wingFor the months of July, August and September 2014, Lotus sold 609 cars worldwide, a 69% increase over the same period last year and the best figure since 2007/08. This quarter contributed to the half year total of 1114 cars, compared to 746 cars in the first six months of the last financial year – a 49% increase – and the best half year car sales since 2008/09.

Jean-Marc Gales, Chief Executive Officer of Group Lotus plc said, “I am delighted with these first six months’ cars sales results. These results are a testament to the hard work of not just our sales teams around the world but also to our skilled workforce. I would also like to thank our dealers, suppliers and manufacturing partners for their continued support and look forward to maintaining and building this momentum for the future”.

Leading the sales is the Lotus Exige which accounts for around 39% sales and advanced orders, closely followed by the Lotus Elise and the Lotus Evora. Japan continues to be the leading market for Lotus sports car sales, followed closely by the UK, USA, Germany and France. The highest growth in sales was recorded in Japan, followed by Germany and France.

Jean-Marc Gales added, “We have just announced a proposal to restructure Lotus’ worldwide workforce in order to reshape the organisation and to reduce costs. This reshaping, combined with increasing sales of cars is vital to Lotus building a strong, sustainable future for the business.”

The next Lotus to enter the market in November 2014, the new Lotus Elise S Cup, is the most track-focused of the Lotus Elise range. The Elise S Cup combines the Lotus attributes of a pure driving experience, high performance, and light weight with high levels of aerodynamic downforce. This enables the latest Lotus sports car to lap the Lotus test track three seconds quicker than Elise S.

hng said...

Earlier these year, DRBHICOM dispose about 40% of its Tebrau land in JB to Ecoworld for RM 520m and realize about RM 90m net profit. Ecoworld will payable these sum of land cost stagger in 3 year during development period. On the other hand, DRBHICOM is planning to use the land sale to commence its own township development in remaining 60% of its tebrau land, GDV RM 5 bil, to be name as Glenmarie Height

Currently, Ecoworld is developing these parcel of land into Ecospring (Semi-D) + Ecosummer (Terrace) vs, DRBHICOM own township, Glenmarie Height

Lets relook their offering now:


1. Ecospring (Semi-D): 42 x 80, price start from RM 2.88m - RM 3.90m
2. Ecosummer (Terrace): 20 x 80, price start from RM 1.35m - RM 1.91m

Glenmarie Height:

1. Semi-D (40 x 80); Cluster Semi-D (32 x 80): launching 14 Nov, price expect start from RM 1.12 m - 1.85m

2. Terrace: 22 x 70; 22 x 75, price start from RM 630k - 660k (Launched in Sept)

In summary, Glenmarie Height is offering half of the price compared with Ecoworld, Ecospring/Ecosummer in a same place. Of course, Ecoworld development is more up market with European style offering, but Glenmarie Height also offer very contemporary design. Therefore, at same place, and with about the same price, buyer can purchase Semi-D in Glenmarie Height rather than purchase Terrace house in Ecosummer.

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