Saturday, January 10, 2015

KLSE : Day Trades Dated 10/1/2015

1. Traded above last week. ^^

2. Keep nibbling on REITs. The end result will be much better than putting the money in FD that gaining only at around 4%. ^^
3. Can't stomach too risky stocks at my age. This year will be focusing on REITs or high dividend yielding stocks. This is what i do best. ^^
4. Good Luck.


Shin- Shin said...

Hi how do one know at what level to buy and sell as expertly demonstrated by you? How many units one have to buy to get profit at 2 sen spread? Thanks so much.

horse said...


There is some rules adopted by me after years of trading and 80-90% will gain if you apply them correctly.
There is no holy grail method when come to trading, at best it is only calculated risk. The 10% to 20% risk is affortable risk in long run but will definitely gain once you given enough time to 'breed'. You will have no trading fear once you understand your risk are mostly cushion. Of course you will not have 100% gain in short time frame like 3mths to 1 year but 20% gain per year would be mostly achievable i would say. People take months to gain 100% but i would rather gain 20% in longer time frame with sound sleep over the night & no worry at all.
You drop your email here, if i have time i will most happy to share out my trading knowledge or method to you in more detail. Remember that my method is not an overnight gain with subtantial %, my aim is around 10% to 20% per year slow snail method. If you are looking one that in fast gain, please do not spend time here.
God bless. ^^

Shin- Shin said...

Dear horse,

First of all thank you so much for your sharing. I appreciate it tremendously. I am not looking for fast gain or fat tat. In fact, my first Atrium REIT has been held more than 3 years. My email is

God bless you too. 😊

Ng said...


I have been a silent reader of your blog for sometime.Would be great if you could share your knowledge. My

mohd jafar said...

Plz share with me too. Prefer slow & steady method.tqvm
My email:

Chong said...

Hi Horse, I'm yet another silent reader of your blog, and certainly amaze on what you are doing with IGBREIT and CMMT.

I'm also holding some CMMT & SUNREIT for long term. But I'm not too sure how to apply your technique so that I could expedite the gain. I'll appreciate if you could share your trading method.

My email is

Thanks, Chong

Derick said...

Hi horse,

Thanks for willing to share you method and knowledge. Don't mind send me a copy too ?

Miharu Yong 米哈鹿。杨 said...

Horse, Miharu here again.
Wish to learn more from you,thanks and God bless !

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