Monday, January 12, 2015

KLSE : Day Trades Dated 12/1/2015

1. IGBREIT - Bought at 1.26, sold back at 1.28.^^ 2sen profit again. ^^

2. PAVREIT - See how this guy run today. ^^ Today is one of the typical example on this counter, if i am holding this i would sell off at 1.47 first by 'jumping' the q & seek opportunity by grabing them back at 1.45. Just to make contra profit of 2sen. ^^
3. CMMT - Watch out for this, might run like PAVREIT. ^^
4. Good Luck.


horse said...

Time to catch YTLP-WB....

ericng7424 said...

Hi Horse, good trades for IGBREIT and CMMT for you. Have been trying to do short term trades but not been successfully, mind to share your method?

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