Saturday, March 21, 2015

KLSE : Day Trades Dated 20/3/2015

1. IGBREIT - Bought in at 1.32 and sold at 1.33. ^^

2. BJTOTO - Sold all at 3.39, bought some back at 3.35. ^^ Handsome profit. ^^

3. PAVREIT - Bought at 1.40. Surprisingly this guy went down at the last minute by so much. ^^ Must be some institute needed to get some money desperately. ^^ Anyway it is just lucky that i did place some buy units there. ^^ It matches 1.40 even though my buy order price is higher.

4. QCAP - Teng, this one can buy for long term as their dividend is very attractive but i don't like to trade this guy as the volume is just too low for my taste. Buy & keep should be the right approach. ^^

5. Good Luck.
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