Friday, March 6, 2015

KLSE : Day Trades Dated 6/3/2015

1. IGBREIT - Bought back some at 1.32. ^^

2. YTL - Start buying YTL at 1.60. ^^

3. Good Luck. ^^


Teng said...


DO you think number forecast operators like Toto will be affected by GST?I understand betting subject to GST,ie one has to pay RM1.06 instead of RM1 for all bettings

horse said...

Betting operator like BJTOTO subject to GST, is this extra 6% tax will be cascaded down to consumer ? this one remain question mark. If this tax is charged under consumers then business as usual. I believe sale impact will be minimal.
If BJTOTO is to absorb the GST, then earning will likely be reduced, if so most likely BJTOTO will make adjustment to the price payout to mitigate the earning impact. Another possible way is the gaming operators would likely propose Government to reduce gaming tax on the other hand to counter for GST's impact.
I foresee the GST impact is not as great as one see it. Mitigation plan should be in placed to counter GST as Gaming operators already being charged with multiple taxes, so there surely a way out on this. Will wait & see.
Continue to capitalize on current low price, if Div remained strong, i think it is very attractive at this level. ^^

Teng said...


My friend who is head GST for MNC told me NFO will be badly hit. They have to absorb 6% GST,and most likely adjust prize payout. Long term govt will lose more revenue as most punters will switch illegal 4D operators

Titus said...

Hi Teng,

Agreed. The current illegal 4D is already paying much higher prize than NFO. With GST and lower payout from NFO, more punter will op for illegal betting except for jackpot which is not offered by illegal. Hence they will be a drop in current revenue in NFO.

Teng said...

Cut loss Puncak 272 but bought back 267

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