Thursday, September 2, 2010

KFIMA Profit Remain Steady

Still keeping my Kfima tight, though have sold some at RM1.03 the other day. The 1Q result seem steady eventhough overall profit was drag down by foreign operations due to foregin currency exchange. Revenue increase by 19% from previous corresponding period. Gross profit also jump by 41%. EPS stood at 6.60sen. Just take its rolling 4Q as a forecast for the remaining Q, as this would be quite close to reality and conservative calculation :-

Q2 - 3.75
Q3 - 6.88
Q4 - 4.68
Q1 - 6.60

Total forecast EPS = 21.91sen

Dividend = 5sen
Raise my FV = 6 X 21.91 = RM1.31


hng said...


I agree with you, kfima should be worth more. Current Q1 quarter result, although is lower than previous corresponding Q, but that is mainly due to foreign exchange gain compared with current record solid and recurrent result, from particular plantation division.

hng said...

Update portfolio

Portfolio 1
1. PJD 180% (cost: 71sen)
2. kfima 20% (cost 1.163)

Portfolio 2
1. PJD 180% (cost: 71sen)
2. kfima 18% (cost 1.145)

hng said...

Sold off all Citibank at $3.96, realize handsome profit first :D)

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