Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Spontaneous Act On Gamuda-CM

Today making a quick deal by buying Gamuda-CM at 0.235 and disposing them all at 0.24, earning a mere 0.005sen. :)
This trading is done out of spontaneous reaction, have no pre-plan intention before hand. Lucky to slip through with some lunch money, enough to cover for whole of next month. :) ha ha ha ha

Don't try that dude, this act is extremely dangerous, it defy my investment strategy !!


Anonymous said...


I know ARANK share has been bashed down by Lembaga Angkatan tentera. Otherwise, ARANK seldom trading at such high volume. Now almost reach year low level!? I've take this opportunity to accumulate these share on weakness.

Based on cumulative 3Q result, its EPS look impressive and its Q4 should be release by next week, which could come together with dividend at least 3.5sen or yield of 7.6%

Anonymous said...

I'm still waiting for PJD announcement on its 3 for 8 warrant. Based on current WB trade at 7sen (also entitle 3 for 8), upcoming WC may carry value of at least 20sen.

Currently, PJD should be in the midst of preparing EGM to seek shareholder approval, presumably next week will dispatch notice to shareholder and EGM should be held around mid Oct, just before current WB ease of trading.

Anonymous said...

Bought complete logistic at 50sen for its dividend of 3sen TE

Anonymous said...

Bought more ARANK at 46sen

Update portfolio

Portfolio 1
1. PJD 180% (cost: 71sen)
2. ARANK 20% (cost 45.9sen)

Portfolio 2
1. PJD 180% (cost: 71sen)
2. Complet 6.8% (cost 50sen)
3. ARANK 5% (cost 45sen)

horse said...

Complete low beta stock, high div, previous q making huge loss ?

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