Tuesday, September 7, 2010

No Reasons To Hang On GENM

Gotten rid of my GenM at RM2.99, can't wait for the pathetic 3.6sen dividend. :(

The disposal will allow me to unlock more money standing by for next purchase. Really disappointed with GenM though with the shares buy back activities, price still retreated. Of the two investment between GenM and GSP, GSP give the most capital appreciation for me even though the two investments were almost bought at the same time. Today GSP closed at S$1.81, my gain is almost 160%, comparatively with GenM only garnered a mere overall 6.6% gain. :( What a big different !!!

GenM's long awaited special dividend was in vain, price appreciation is slow, shares buyback unable to leap big gain. I don't know what else to hope for ?? Money was waste big time doing RRPT and their investment would likely hard and long before an actual result would be seen probably after few years time. I see no reasons for me to keep any longer, maybe an obvious improve earnings will spike my interest again in near future. 

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Anonymous said...


Well done! really impressive of your 160% gain on GEN SP :) keep up your long term investment strategy.

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