Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Scalp Trades Dated 20/9/2011

1. Scalp traded the following today :-

2. Hard to make money. :( Congrat to hng, still going strong. :)

3. Greece, Italy and more to come ? All having problem. :(

4. Dow Jones also not doing well. :( Bursa is heading down. :(

5. Stay sideline better.

6. Maybe can consider put warrant like below. Good Luck all.


vincent168 said...

Hi Horse,

How does this Put Warrant works ? The more parent's share price drop, the higher the price of put warrant ?

hng said...

Sold Rsawit at 2.30, realize much higher paper profit :)

hng said...

Bought malton at 53sen

hng said...

Sold off all remaining Rsawit at 2.30-2.32, realize handsome paper profit

hng said...

Sold off malton at 54sen, realize intraday gain

horse said...


Yes, it work the opposite way but i think better stay out of it at the moment. :(

Market just not right for CW or PW.

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