Sunday, September 11, 2011

Scalp Trades Dated 9/9/2011

1. Scalp traded on 9/9/2011 :-

MALTON - in 0.57, out 0.575

2. Look at the picture above, Malton has an impressive earnings the last 2 quarters despite the recent dilution of shares by another 20%. If this kind of earning continue to be maintained in the future, Malton could be very impulsive in time to come. Worth keeping this counter into radar list. Having current closing price of 0.56, it only represent a 38% of 1.46 NTA. Consider attractive but keep closer look on its next Q result. This does not represent a buy call from me nevertheless, buy at your own risk.

3. Recently bought a 4 Dome DVR network recorder. Installing this gadget with the help of my brother. Took us whole day to get it fixed, of course the workmanship is inferior and not professionally done but it serve the purpose. :) LOL !!

4. I am waiting for an IPHONE5 !! I think i shall indulge myself a bit with the earnings from my share trading. This year surpass my previous year record where i am only aiming for 7% to 15% yearly income through dividend and long term investment. This year is a superb year for me ever since i adopted trading approach early this year. The figure is much much higher from my intial targeted income. :) 

5. Dow Jones recorded another -300 points down last Friday. We may have a turbulance on KLSE come this Monday, so be extra careful cyber friend and comrades. Till then Good Luck to all. 


hng said...

Despite market downturn, malton again surge as one of the top volume stock, capitalize on its strength, i've bought malotn at 56sen, still waiting to sell Malton at higher price now :)

hng said...

market continue on weakness, decided to sell off all malton at 57.5sen, realize intraday again first.

Portfolio also bought Oldtown at 1.11

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