Thursday, November 8, 2012

Finally GLOMAC ^^

1. GLOMAC - Bought Glomac at 0.83sen. Just declare 2.75sen dividend. ^^ Hope to reap profit tomorrow. ^^
2. FABER - Bought Faber at RM1.37. Sold partially at RM1.38.
3. OSKPROP - Profit up in 3Q & 31% in accumulated 9 months. ^^ Can this drive the price up ?
5. hng & Teng, is both of you still keeping Oskprop ?
6. Good Luck.


Teng said...


I still keep most of OSKProperty

Is OSKProp revenue and profit up?I read from Business Times that profit is down but PATAMI is up

horse said...

Revenue drop but profit up.

So long as profit up, there should be considered as good news.

hng said...

Sold some Faber at 1.40, realize contra gain

hng said...

Bought more WCT-WB at 23.5sen

ck5354 said...

so many buy at 1.40 for faber, any good news coming?

hng said...

Lets calculate intrinsic value for WCT-WB.

Now confirm that the exercise price of WCT-WB post WCT bonus and free warrant will be adjusted from 2.50 to 1.85.

Based on WCT current trading at 2.74, post bonus of 23 and free warrant of 4 for every exiting 20 WCT, ex-price WCT will be trading at 2.30.

WCT-WB will carry value at 2.30-1.85 = 45sen, offering potential doubling the value of current 23.5sen.

(Remark: adjust for fair value of WCT-WD to trade at 40sen post listing)

Teng said...

Sold Faber at 1.40 for contra profit

Gark said...

Yes, provided that WCT is not sold down after BI...I am targeting 35-40 cent. Plan to convert a portion of it as well.

Gark said...

Black Scholes calculator gives out theoretical WCT-WB price at 0.465

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