Saturday, October 12, 2013

YTLPWR-WB !!! Weekly Trades - 12/10/2013

DAY TRADES : 8/10/2013

DAY TRADES : 9/10/2013

DAY TRADES : 11/10/2013


2. YTLP-WB - YTLP continue it shares buyback in an aggresive pace. ^^ Judging the buyback status, already reached 256millions shares in treasury. Of which 250millions shares would likely be sending in for cancellation. The buyback has exceeded the 250millions shares mark, which mean the buyback will still be continued. As part of the stipulated mandate in AGM, YTLP allows to purchase 10% of the total shares units, they have achieved 7% thus far, remaining 3% to be acquired. Conservatively with 3% buyback, this would likely send YTLP's share price to above RM1.90 level. With that, YTLP-WB would worth at around 69sen + 1.21 = RM1.90. Yes, at around 69sen with current 59.5sen closing, there should be another 10sen up side. ^^
Have so far scalp trades few round on this, disposed some yesterday at 59.5sen. Hope to buy them back come next Monday. Holding quite substantial units on this, hope to reap more profit in near future to come.
3. CSL - Just bought in 22sen. ^^ Hope to make some profit on this. ^^
4. Good Luck. ^^


hng said...


For your information, YTLP share buyback is up to 10% share, but if these share is cancel, it can buyback further 10% based on reduce total number of share.

hng said...













horse said...

Ytlp being pressed down today. :(
Surprisingly ytlp-wb still able to hold well. ^^
The selling could be due to the listing units today.

horse said...

Once the selling being absord, Believe it will resume buy up.

hng said...

Buyback 65% of total total volume, range 1.80-1.84, increase another 0.09% stake, cumulatively at 3.68% treasury stock now.

Actually, YTLP sbb, already emerge in the morning session, engulf all 1.84, but seller keen to sell aggressively without wan to wait and continue selldown till 1.80, which YTLP sbb more than happy to buyback at much lower price.

hng said...

Buyback 75% of today total volume, range 1.83-1.85, average at 1.845, increase another 0.16% stake cumulatively at 3.84% treasury now

I think the cancellation is just a matter of time, the important thing is YTLP sbb still can allow to buyback another 3% more before it reach maximum 10% level (first 3.4% already opt for first batch cancellation + 3.6% expect to cancel in second batch + remaining 3% more to be accumulated).

Of course it always can opt for cancel entire all first tranche of 10% treasury stock, which YTLP sbb can buyback additional 10% more.

Total first tranche 10% cancel, + second tranche 10% based on reduced total volume after first tranche treasury cancel.

hng said...

The star online business News

Published: Wednesday October 16, 2013 MYT 5:47:00 PM
Updated: Wednesday October 16, 2013 MYT 5:49:17 PM
YTL Power buys back 67.5m shares for RM124.25m

by joseph chin

KUALA LUMPUR: YTL Power International Bhd has stepped up its share buyback programme, purchasing 67.516 million shares in October for RM124.25mil.

Filings with Bursa Malaysia on Thursday showed YTL Power bought 56.314 million shares from Oct 7 to 11 for RM103.58mil. The shares were bought at prices ranging from RM1.80 to RM1.89.

YTL Power had on Thursday also bought 11.202 million shares for RM20.675mil. The shares were bought at prices ranging from RM1.83 to RM1.85.

The recent share buybacks resulted in the cumulative net outstanding treasury shares to date at 273.928 million shares or 3.84%.

horse said...

Wow YTLP-WB !!!

COngratz hng. ^^

Sold YTlp-wb at 0.60sen, bought them back at 0.595. ^^

alwayswin111 said...

you are good.....

hng said...

So far so good, both YTLP and WB should go up hand in hand. Even cannot reap already very handsome profit, but just look a unrealize paper profit is good enough and give a lot of comfort already. Again to fully realize expected profit, one must patience wait for upcoming corporate exercise.

horse said...

You must be making 6 figures right now.^^
Congratz. ^^

hng said...


Ha ha......Let 'Huat' together is more happier.

hng said...

Once Upon A Time ....

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His neighbor got very upset and said to him, "Can you please tell your children not to call you 'Ayah'?"

The man asked, "Why?"

The neighbor retorted, "Because my children call me 'Ayah' too. They might get confused and mistake you to be their father."

Then the man told his neighbor, "Are you not ashamed to say that your children do not know who is their 'Ayah'? So you are saying by using the word 'Ayah' , your children will call me ayah too without knowing who their father is?"

The neighbor said "Yes, only my children can use the word 'Ayah'."

from Dali

The man was speechless.

hng said...

Buyback 85% of today total volume, range 1.85-1.86, increase another 0.27% stake, cumulative at 4.11% in treasury now.

Remark: buyback 19.89m share is the highest and record breaking volume, surpass previous high 18.48m share on 7/10

horse said...


I think today's vol is second. Highest would be on 3rd Oct, around 22 millions. ^^

Today i sold YTLP-WB @ 0.635 and bought back at 0.63. ^^ Half a sen profit. ^^

horse said...

Currently sitting with handsome profit on WB. ^^

Let's huat more in time to come. ^^

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