Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Bought More IGBREIT ^^

1. IGBREIT - Bought more at RM1.39. Sold very small units at RM1.41.

2. Would likely cut my buying from now.

3. Good Luck.


alwayswin111 said...

Wise move, Horse. . Amazing all of you .. (Teng, Hng, Hoseadavids ck, CheeHeng)
Have not been trading for a while. But fervently reading the blog for all your trades... Congrats to ou all.

ck5354 said...

bought ijm wc yesterday at 1.32 and sold at 1.36 today, 4 cents profit

ck5354 said...

My goal for this year almost reach which is scalp trade and earn RM 500 per month.

cheeheng said...

sold all MBM WA@0.645 bot @0.57. 13% pft....nice :)

cheeheng said...


ck5354 said...

congra chee heng

Teng said...


Last week was holiday in HK,not much time to blog

Last week scalp trade YTLP,bought 1.48,sold 1.50. Also sold more YTLP at 1.52.Gradually want to reduce my holding

Today queue to sell MKLand at 32 cent but not matched

horse said...

Congratz CK, CheeHeng & Teng ^^

Alwayswin, is good to stay out now.

Good Luck.

lg said...

Congrats all!
You guys are good.

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