Wednesday, April 10, 2013


1. YTLPOWR - Sold my remaining YTLPOWR at RM1.52. ^^ 2sen profit. COngratz to CK. ^^ Teng, probably you can start making money now from YTLP. ^^
2. HEKTAR - Sold this small units at a very small loss at price 1.54 & 1.52 respectively. :(
3. MKLAND - Buy in 2 batches today. First batch at 0.335 and second batch at 0.325. Averaging down my holding cost. Hope to make some money here. ^^
5. Good Luck.


Teng said...


My cost for YTLPower should be around 1.45-150.At current price,small profit

horse said...

Teng, I think ytlp still got upside. Good luck ^^

ck5354 said...

YTL go go go I am queing at 1.66, 3 cents profit, hope can be done

ck5354 said...

sold ytl 1.66

Teng said...


Congratulation. After you bought YTL, I bought power at 1.48 and sold 1.50

hoseadavids said...

3 cents profit.

If you wish to earn RM100, you would
need to have 3333 units of YTL.
Cost: 3333x1.63= RM5,433

If you wish to earn RM200, you would
need to have 6666 units of YTL.
Cost: 6666x1.63= RM10,866

If you wish to earn RM500, you would
need to have 16,666 units of YTL.
Cost: 16,666x1.63= RM27,166.

0.03/1.63= 1.84%

This is just plain STUPID.

ck5354 said...

Good calculation.

But you didn't include the days.

I just need to assume 3 days I earn 1.84% , 1 month I will get (assume 30 days per month), 1.84* 10 = 18.4% jangan main main...

He he he

hoseadavids said...

Why don't you count one year.

1.84 x 365 = 671.6%

ck5354 said...

Ha ha ha,

I can not confirm 1 years i can earn 1.84 % in 3 days, only 1 month more logic

hoseadavids said...

May I ask how much did you earn from YTL?

ck5354 said...

I guess horse will be the best person to tell you the benefit of scalp trade. I am just a beginner.

hoseadavids said...

If you wish to earn RM500, you would
need to have 16,666 units of YTL.
Cost: 16,666x1.63= RM27,166.

It is like betting a Viva to earn a mountain bike.


hoseadavids said...

It only works if you have HUGE capital.

Anyway Good Luck to you because you need a lot of them.

Signing off now.

Administrator said...

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lg said...

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