Monday, April 29, 2013


1. IGBREIT - Bought in today at RM1.37. ^^

2. TWRREIT - Sold partially at RM1.51. 1sen profit. ^^

3. Need to stay out of the market now. Will see the outcome of the coming GE on 5/5/2013, the market depend very much on the GE result. Probably we can pick cheap stock then. :p
4. Good Luck.


cheeheng said...

bought MBM-WA@ 0.59,MEGB@ 0.57

Kent Ng said...


Mind to share what is the estimated amount to make at 1 cents profit ?

can it cover all the expenses ?


Teng said...


Depends on your brokerage fee and also unit price for counter you want to buy.For example,if you buy stock of RM1, you can make profit with 1 cent gain if you buy enough. But for RM20 stock,you need >10 cents gain

Kent Ng said...

Hi Teng...

Thanks for your reply.

Will check out more detail...

I believe the scenario is base on contra basis as the commission will be lower for contra trading..

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