Thursday, April 11, 2013

Scalp On ALAQAR ^^

1. ALAQAR - Bought in at RM1.30, sold at RM1.31. 1sen profit. ^^ This is a safe heaven trade. ^^

2. There is no right or wrong when come to investment. One can adopt whichever way they like most and best fitted in their investment style, so long they make money consistently irrespective big or small. I have multiple skillsets throughout my investment journey. All these possess within me and no one is able to take it from me though. These are experience gain overtime when you have soak yourself long enough in the market. Here i am today, i am a longterm investor, a dividend earner, an opportunist and a trader. ^^ hoseadavids is right, you need 'big' to play this game, this is where i belong now started from 'small'. CK5354 is right, this is how i make it big from just small trades like now. ^^ Remember wealth is accumulated, it all started with a penny. Good Luck. ^^
4. Just take a look at hng's trades, he has the skill in picking a right stock. This is where he is good at and couple with the capital, he is able to stay fulltime and earn extremely good profit just through investment alone. ^^ Good Luck my friend. ^^
5. Good Luck.


lg said...

Hi Horse, Teng, CK,cheeheng, Hng and all,
Question, can you name one defensive stock that would be your top pick if market heads for correction during GE?

Teng said...


IGB( ~2),TNB(<6)will be my choice

Maybank,Pbbank if it drop by 15%

ck5354 said...

If market drop kau kau, I will monitor IJM-WC and IJMland-wa which is good proxy for mother.

Now traded at discount.

I hv limited capital so aim for small knife cut big tree.

Eric Kang said...

what do you think of cliq?
Will it behaves like hibiscus?

lg said...

Thanks Teng & ck for your response.
I'm interested in Pos for its potential special divvy and mbsb. Alwayswin & the rest, please feel free to share too.

Teng said...


MBSB also one of stocks I am interested to grab if market drop

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