Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Buying A Car ...

I did a test drive of the following cars recently :- :p

1) Toyata Vios

2) Perudua Alza

3) Mazda 2

4) Puegeot 207

5) Kia Forte

Of all the above, Vios & Peugeot give the best feeling to me while test driving. Will consider buying one of them. :)


Tan Cheng Eian, BKM., PJK. said...

Puegeot 207

horse said...

Thanks Tan.
Yeah, migth consider that. :)

hng said...

Sold more Faber at 1.53-1.54, realize much higher paper profit :)

hng said...

Sold off all remaining Faber at 1.55-1.56, realize all paper profit :D)

davors said...


horse said...

Congrat hng !

Did some small scalp today. :)

With that, this month i already hit my target. :) Whatever come later on are bonus to me. :)

hng said...

Increae further stake of Huayang, bought Huayang at 1.45-1.46

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