Monday, October 24, 2011

Scalp Trades Dated 24/10/2011

1. Scalp traded the following today :-

2. Sold my Pchem-cb and make small profit for the third round. :)

3. I almost reaching my next target of 5K profit this month. Couple with my salary, i earned double income every month, in fact quite consistently this year. :) I guess probably this year overall market is good, that is why everyone practically is making money it seem. :) I just wish that everyone continue to make money. All happy then we will have a happy year ending. :)

4. I am seriously considering turning myself to full time trader just like hng, but turning to fulltime is quite a hard decision to make as you will first lose your consistent and steady salary income and the monthly profit that generated from the share market has to at least cover my existing salary else it is hard for me to fulfill my commitments. That would mean i need to double my effort to at least make 15K a month from share trading. Achieving this is not an impossible mission, i just need to triple up my investment capital then i will be able to achieve my mission 'maybe'. Certainly, this is a serious matter to look for.......till then Good Luck.!!


hng said...

well done! horse you have one step forward toward financial independent.

Portfolio now waiting for listing of Rswait at cost of about 88.3sen (80sen right + average 8.3sen Rsawit-WR). The cost could be lower if i manage to secure over-subscription portion. Current Rsawit at 1.15 already under pressure as new right share is coming to trade soon. Hopefully by then, Rsawit still maintain current level, which allow portfolio to realize these >30% paper profit

Portfolio have also over last few weeks accumulate some high dividend and yet thin volume penny stocks: Ogawa, share trade at 33sen, but offer 3 sen nett dividend, expect to be declared early Nov. Ogawa also back by its net cash position of 40sen/share, which is Ogawa cash alone surpass its current share price.

Another stock is Ireka, trade at 63.5sen, but offer 5sen nett dividend, also expect to be declared sometime early Nov. Ireka share is back by its NTA of RM 2.00

The only drawback is both stock are illiquid and volume are low. Therefore, need a lot of patients to accumulate substantial volume

adnickcom said...

Mr Horse,
Since you are making good profit from part time, I wonder why you are thinking full time. What benefit or advantages you see if go full time? Willing to share your view?


snowbreeze said...

Mr.Horse...why u call horse? Born in year of horse?
BTW any comment on the market? What to buy? And what to look out? Thanks in advance :)

horse said...

hng, congrat ! You always surprise me with your picks. Well done. Admire your non-stop profit generating. :) Keep up the good work.

horse said...

hi adnickcom,

Not doubt working and trading at the same time have both income stream but the set back is we can't concentrate on trading while working. You notice i trade less, maybe only 1 or 2 trades per day. Sometime i missed some good trades when i away for meeting. I could either make less or trap sometime when i am away from my screen. Beside what was mentioned, i believe many like to have their own free time by doing what they like after all. We would not want to engage ourselve to a daily 9-5 job for so long and being locked in for job commitment that you have no freedom on it except after 5pm, weekend and public holiday.

Frankly, everyone want to be a boss that include me. If i am able to generate my income plus double of what i earn right now with less hassle and not succumb to daily work and stress in the traffic, why not ? Being fulltime has it good and bad points too, i am not saying one must go fulltime. If you are confident in doing so, by all mean. I am still practicing my daily trades, i hope to consistently making profit for another 2 more years. I am started day trades this year, no doubt my earning is not bad as at now but maybe market is good that is why, what happen in bear mode ? my monthly earning could be ZERO and possibly -ve. This kept me sceptical of thinking going fulltime either. Anyhow is a hard decision to make. My confident level is builting up each day, by time it is mature i will be there fulltime. :)

horse said...

hi snowbreeze,

Good guess but wrong guess. :)

You search through my posting, you will noticed i emphasize only on high dividend yielding stocks and keep them for very very long, some is over decade. :)

Early this year i started day trades on REITs, CWs plus some stocks that possibly giving quick profit to me. Touch wood, i have been gaining consistently, though it is small profit but my highest is 9K and lowest is 2K monthly. To me it is good enough for a part timer. In fact im only aiming for 2K profit per month. I am not setting unrealistic goal, 2K just reasonable. This is not inclusive of my dividend yielding btw.

You want good pick, refer to hng's portfolio. He has done so well in picking good and gaining stocks. Refer to his previous posting you will find some of them. I am adopting some of his pick some time.

Good Luck !!

adnickcom said...

Hi horse,

Thanks for sharing your view. Is every trader or 9 to 5 employees dream to live that life style. Glad that you found a way to achieve it. Maybe full time will suit your way of trading. I dont see you mention much of stock analysis, I think you are an opportunist in the market. What is your philosophy, strategies and psychology approach towards market. Appreciate to share with newbie like me.


vincent168 said...

Hi horse, hng

Congratulation and Well done

hng said...

My Rsawit under over-subscription portion only manage to secure merely 22% success rate at 80sen. As expected, Rsawit today under selling pressure from its 3 for 1 right new listing share.

ccdev said...

horse, good for you. keep up the good work, hope you will realise your future plans.

hng said...

Just sold off all Rsawit at 1.12-1.13, realize these long await gross profit margin of 30%

hng said...

Bought KSL at 1.39

hng said...

The reason to re-invest KSL while still holding major stake in KSL-WA is that KSL share have been laggard behind most of the property counter in recent rebound.

Fundamentally, KSL still hold promising prospect and trade at discount to its NTA. KSL-WA will still remain my major core in portfolio as KSL share will likely trade sideway in short term and need more time, at least another 3-6 month to realize its value, in which in first earning from KSL-resort and its Bandar Bestari klang (canary residential) will start contributing to its bottomline

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