Monday, January 16, 2012

Scalp Trades Dated 16/1/2012

1. Scalp traded the following today :-

2. Today mainly sell orders from me. :) Did not expect EPF buy in big wave on UOADEV. :( Anyway sold all my holdings on UOADEV. :)

3. Above is my CNY ang pow before market close for the festive season.

4. Market down -14 points today, likely to continue consolidating this week. This might drag on to next week as it going to be short trade next week. :(

5. Many on CNY mode already as noticed car is lesser on the road. Early wishing of CNY from me. Wish everyone has a prosper and happy CNY. Good Luck !!


Greenleaf said...

Happy Chinese new year!!! My order 1.04 for pavreit didn't match. Sigh~ pavreit is now 1.07.
I read some news saying that this year REIT will be very volatile. Any advice for REIT investor?

horse said...


Why am i so confident buying a stock..? Your question.
I won't know the stock will go up or down, depend of what you want. For longterm, i go on dividend stocks. Find those reasonably low PE with good profit and high yield div. Buy them and keep for very long.
For trading.... will cont...

horse said...

For trading, e.g UOADEV, PAVREIT & OSK, also hng's list. I will normally divide my pool of money to 5-6 groups. Each group with reasonably big enough figures that satisfying your return appetite. When you realise the stock is "low" enough,..but how you define "low" is depend on individual. I rate them by value, e.g you can track back a "good stock" by 1,3 or 5 years back, when i say good stock is real good stock with consistent profits. The longer tenure will generate better result. How to do that ? let start from here....long story need to type a lot. i will try explain, see if you understand. cont...

horse said...

Lets put the value aside for now. That needs a lot of calculations. e.g take PAVREIT, i rate 1.05 and below is good buy, so what i do i placed a buy order at 1.05 everyday till it matched my quantity. Another very important factor, your brokerage must be very low. 0% to 0.1% is the best. Cont...

vincent168 said...

Hi horse,
What do you think about FPI and Uchitec as dividend stock ?

alwayswin111 said...

I think so long as Horse don't mind, it's ok to post your trades on this blog. I have always been amazed by the friendship and sharing on this blog.
And Horse I think is most wonderful person. He has created a blog that benefits all.
I don't think you are stealing the thunder from Horse. Both of you together are like glove and hand. I don't think it would be the same without you here.
Have always enjoyed this blog here. Hope things continue .

horse said...

You can just assess their DY, PE and EPS, whether meet your criteria and its consistentcy. If it does you can just buy them. You can buy a month ahead before it declare dividend or buy after ex-div. What i normally do is buy before they declare dividend.

horse said...

Back on trading.
I am very lazy, on holiday mode. Very lazy to type on... Let me make a call here rather then explaining what i do. Though, it is not 100% but should be quite decent one. You guy know i after UOADEV, i just have a feeling this guy might touch RM1.70 in 1 to 2 weeks time, the most is 3 weeks but don't judge me. You judge yourself. Just my feeling, result coming out and hope is a good one. Can just buy anything below RM1.50. This is the price that i will be placing my order with uoadev starting tomorrow, remember to go in batches. Hope i am not wrong. Buy at your own risk. My advise is you just watch and don't touch anything this round, we see how it fare first. I could be wrong as mentioned i don't know the price will go up or down, i just sense through my years of experience and feeling. Hope the timing & value is right on my side. :) I will post my trades if it done any tomorrow. So stay tune & Good Luck !!

Greenleaf said...

Hi Horse,
I understand your meaning of value. :) I am a fan and follower of Warren Buffett investment technique as well. We buy value and see value of a company. That is why I also trade using PE, EPS, DY and I will also wait for company financial announcement and hope it will be coming out good result. This way will push the stock higher. Like Warren Buffett says profit is made when we buy not when we sell. That is quite true if we are looking for value in a stock.

Actually the way I calculate the price is similar like you but I do not manage to day trade because the stock price do not hit my target, I do not sell because I believe in value of the stock in longer term will finally reflect on the stock price.

My capital is not as large as yours. I divide mine into 3 parts. :) So, now I think I understand how you can day trade for profit. I is because u have so large amount of money and divided into 6 or 7 parts. That is the advantage you have for day trade. :)

My brokerage is 0.1% for day trade as well as not day trade. This is quie good for me. By the way, which broker you use to get 0% brokerage fee?

cheeheng said...

Happy Chinese New Year e'body ! May Year of Dragon brings more profitable investments.Horse,i like to follow ur blog,sharing info & tips.Keep it up.Just wanna ask hng opnion about 3 stks which i bought recently, Sapind,Tienwah &Mesiniaga .Expecting Sapind & Tienwah,Mesiniaga to pay generous dividends come February.

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