Monday, February 27, 2012

Scalp Trades Dated 27/2/2012

1. Scalp traded the following today :-

2. Sold UOADEV-CB at 0.12sen and bought them back at 0.115sen and 0.11sen respectively.

3. UOADEV have a lot of selling forces ? Not sure where are they coming from. Does not seem to come from the big guy else it would have reported in the announcement. I wonder who they are ? Just hope that the price will slowly creeping up.


DenveR said...

Congrats on your scalp trades. BTW, don't quite understand from your last post about the selling pressure will last till Tuesday. Is there any important event on Tuesday?

horse said...


I just hope the selling forces end today. What i meant is basically T+3 in where it is started rigth on last Thursday, it is everybody's thought and common sense that on T+4 the forced selling set in, in the first half tomorrow. I just hope that right after that in the second half of tomorrow, there is another spike up of this counter.
It been hanging too long at this range. Generally, this company has healthy BS, the only thing that Teng pointed out previously the last Q profit was bundled with revaluation of propertiess which is not really reflecting the true sense in thier earnings, nevertheless this would mean better NAV on the other hand. The only surprise now is the 10sen dividend which pending AGM. I think high chance this will get pass in the AGM, i guess this is the only catalyst so far sustaining the share price, unless some big guy start shares buy back now, it would send her to 1.60 level. Unfortunately, they are not in as yet. I would expect she will be in trading range from 1.45 to 1.52 till the 10sen dividend became reality.
I don't know it will go up or down but buying at current price should be quite a safe zone, as it is staying slightly above one quarter of the high price. Quite ok to me.
Good luck all.

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