Wednesday, February 15, 2012

UOADEV - Ripe Time For Dividend ?

1. Sold some RCECAP today. Thanks to the proposed Bonus Issue and Right Issue announcement. Further rise should be expected in near future.

2. I think it is ripe time for UOADEV to declare dividend for this coming quarter result. As mentioned in my earlier post, i expect it to declare ranging from 6sen to 8sen, judging the 30% payout policy. With that, there should be some cushion buying at current price at RM1.47. Though UOADEV is not an attractive stock as claim by many but at current level, we should find this counter at the safe zone. We can opt to trade range bound or aim for longterm up surge strategy. Either method should be fine at the moment. Just imaging she has been dropping right from the height of RM2.60 to current level. Furthermore dividend declaration should be around the corner. I am aiming to buy more starting from tomorrow. Anything below RM1.50 should be a good entry level. Buying in big wave should be of no issue i think as the down side risk should be quite minimum at this juncture. To be honest, this counter is my biggest holdings now. All the best and keep my finger cross.

3. Just noticed ARREIT declared a 1.8822sen income distribution. :) Not bad.

4. Good luck all.

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