Thursday, February 16, 2012

Top Up More UOADEV ?

1. Sold all my MUDAJAYA at RM2.89. :) Expect result out soon, could spur further upside ?

2. Bought in more UOADEV at RM1.45. Price keep pressing down with announcement on result drawing nearer. Something unusual ? Since can't do much, just wait for the result & hope it is a good one. My gut feeling it will be within expectation. Nothing way off from the forecast. The first maiden dividend should be declared and it will be around 6sen i think. They got to give at least something back to shareholders since EPF is one of the cornerstone during IPO else many will be dissappointed and cursing. Tomorrow will buy in more if happen to dip further. There is nothing exceptionally wrong with this counter except the low 0.05 par value of this counter. Earning seem perfectly normal and healthy BS. We have only one asset left on this counter, which is come free for everyone, that is TIME. We shall wait and see.

3. Good luck & may the best price be yours. :)


Teng said...

I also bought UOA at 1.44. Hope it will announce good result

DenveR said...

Hi Horse,
Thanks for your comments. Most of my profits ended up to back zero from a few lousy counters, ie. knm, zecon, currently still holding it and don't know what to do with it. I had a bad lost from Hai-O too.
I am still holding Huayang since it was 'introduced here' last August, the financial report seems promising and 'growing'. However, my current big bulk is similar to yours, but I am sure my average price is higher than yours. The past 3q financial reports looks promising(from my limited stock investing knowledge) for the current price, still wonder if I have miss any important data for the recent sell down.

DenveR said...

oh, btw, wonder if you notice the sell down of Dialog @4.50pm for the past 5 days? :p I also wonder if the price will be 'pushed up' to 2.55 @4.50pm between 21-27/2.....

horse said...

dialog being control as dialog-cc is due for cash settlement.
I am given up exercising CW, i notice the market maker not gentlement at all. They manipulate the mother price whenever their issued CW is due for settlement.
If i am not wrong, just keep your Dialog, it should start to move next week as the exercise price is fixed on last Friday for dialog-cc. Market maker is not in play anymore.
Good luck. :)

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