Wednesday, February 29, 2012

UOA Starts Acquiring Back It Own Shares

1. UOADEV is acquiring back it own shares, as depicted in above screen but only on a small scale, maybe because they already owned bulk of it own share.

2. As at now EPF owning about 5.06% and UOA Holdings owns about 67.1%. This two total up about 72.16%. Any other big cornerstone that holding UOADEV ? I wonder is PNB holding any ? Let's assume that others hold another 7.84%, that will make up 80% of total share issued. Which mean open market only floating 20% of total share issued. Share Issued = 1,195,860,000. Thus, 20% of total share issued will be 1195860000 * 20% = 239,172,000. This figure is about the size of CARLSBG, maybe smaller. For them to push up, guess should be quite an easy task. Nevertheless, this is just a guessing job, :p ha ha Not up to us to judge. We can only hope.

3. Today's KLCI volume break 300millions but this kind of unusual high volume will normally last only 1 day to 2 days. Which mean we will be back to normal tomorrow (about 150m) ? I am not sure whether we don't have the capacity to sustain this kind of huge volume on a longer term or probably this is just a sudden buy up from the big boys. In actual fact without foreign fund, our market just can't stomach a sustainability huge volume > 300m in a row for months. Which mean our market is still very much retail driven. This spike up is only once in the blue moon ? If huge volume continue to sustain, our KLCI will have high chance challenging 1600 and breaking record !!!

4. Good Luck all & GAMBATEH KLCI !!!!


Teng said...


For UOADEV,I think it is not own share buyback,but rather major shareholder acquiring share from open market.

horse said...

Thanks Teng,

Yup, it make no different to me, i see it from left pocket to right pocket.

Teng said...


Ya,actually no big difference. Either shareholder use own money to buy,or company's

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