Monday, February 13, 2012

Still In Search Of New Car

1. So far I have not committed to any new car as yet. Still sourcing one.

2. Heard there are few new cars launching in the coming month. Honda Civic, Toyota Prius C & Hyundai Elantra.

3. Among all the car mentioned above, Hyundai Elantra looks appealing and elegance. :)


DenveR said...

Any thoughts of Proton Tuah? BTW, wonder if you still hold kfima? kfima is the link that directed me to your blog more than a year ago :)

horse said...

congrat Denver !!
I sold long ago kfima.
My bulk holding now is on U?????.
You should know what it is.
No price for correct guessing. ha ha

DenveR said...

errr, sorry, I don't get what you mean. Anyway, I sold off the kfima long time ago too, @1.20.... Well, that just show that I am not patience... hahaha

Teng said...


UOA now at 147 level. Good to accumulate?I traded UOA at range of 148-151

horse said...


Anything below 1.50 should be a good buy, what more to say it is now trading at 1.47.
I am buying more tomorrow. :)

horse said...

It is UOADEV that i mentioned above.

DenveR said...

Arghhh, of course it is the UD... Initially I thought u were saying it is 'me' :p hahaha, how silly I am.

horse said...


Are you making lately ?
I think this year will be quite okay till GE, after that we got to be cautious, my suggestion is to go sideline and let the dust settle first.

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