Thursday, March 15, 2012

Bought CMMT

1. Switch all my UOADEV-CB to CMMT. Sold my UOADEV-CB at 0.09sen at a loss and bought in CMMT at RM1.39.

2. My first loss this year. :( Sold all my UOADEV-CB at 0.09sen. :( Lesson learned, i should not have hold too long on CWs eventhough i am so confident on it mother's prospect. I should have liquidated earlier and wait for mother share movement. Nevertheless, there should be an up tick on mother share price in near future but i still proceed to offload and switch it to CMMT when i see CMMT down by 3sen today. Hope the decision that i make is the correct one. :)

3. Another mistake that i make today is i withdraw my queuing on BJTOTO at RM4.35. If is not because of my early cancellation i would have gotten them again at RM4.35. :( Lesson learned again, never under estimate the movement of a share price. It can really surprise you.

4. Will post my trades done today in a short while. Good Luck all.

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