Saturday, March 17, 2012

Bought More CMMT

1. Bought in more CMMT at RM1.33 at last minute. Not sure whether the current setup of Lynas in Kuantan will create any problem to CMMT's shopping mall there ? I wonder it was due to this issue that causes the massive sell down of CMMT ? I hope it is not.

2. CMMT drop 6sen !! What a drastic drop for REITs counter. I manage to buy in at RM1.33 again at last minute shopping. Under normal circumstances this should be consider a good buy. phew, let's hope this move will reap profit. :) GOOD LUCK !!

3. Market last minute sell down cause by giant counters like BAT, PETGAS & HLBANK, this bring the CI down by almost 8 points. :( What a day of last minute U-turn !!

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