Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Bought In BJTOTO

1. Today i bought in BJTOTO at RM4.35.

2. There is a share buy back by BJTOTO today :-

Notice of Shares Buy Back - Immediate Announcement
Date of Buy Back : 13/03/2012
Description of Shares Purchased : Ordinary shares
No. of Shares Purchased : 1,500,000 shares
Minimum Price Paid For Each Share Purchased : RM 4.330
Maximum Price Paid For Each Share Purchased : RM 4.380
Total Consideration Paid : RM 6,550,890.30
No. of Shares Purchased Retained in Treasury : 1,500,000 shares
No. of Shares Which Are Proposed To Be Cancelled : 0 shares
Cumulative Net Outstanding Treasury Shares As At To-Date : 18,530,072 shares

3. I am expecting the 3Q result to be announced soon, likely to be this week. The result should be within expectation and hopefully there is dividend declared as well, in which they always do. :) I hope for another 8sen dividend. :)


Titus said...

Hi Horse,

Thanks for ur comment on Bjcorp. The ICULS is 1t RM1 and hv 5% interest + free warrants. 6 Bjcorp shares to 1 ICULS + free warrants. You mean to sell it before the right issues?
My average price is at $1. Now it went down abit. Hoping it will go back to RM1 & to sell all of it off. Anyway, thank you for sharing as I'm newbie. Hope can hear more advise and dun worry, I will make my own decision. Thanks again.

Mike Forex Cable said...

hi bro, wat happen to hng? rgds

horse said...

hi mike,

Long time no see. :)

Have no idea where is hng. The last i known is that he is starting he own blog. I am waiting for that to link his blog. Still no news from him until now. :(

hng where are you ?

horse said...

Hi Titus,

Bjcorp is giving ICULS 5% interest with free warrants. The 5% seem not bad, at least it is higher than FD but you need to subscribe it with 6:1.
If you can sell it off to breakeven by all mean do it. I would rather wait after ex-date and re-assess on the overall again as the price will be readjusted. You might get a better deal/cheaper price after ex.

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